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September 3, 2002

Monday Mission

[sort of a first-timer...I answered one once long ago. Have now decided to add it in as a regular thing.]

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.35

1. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on a date?
These things don't apply to me. See, I never dated. I pretty much went from having no boyfriend to seeing him exclusively for a long-term period of time.

2. Do you eat your veggies?
All save lima beans and brussel sprouts!

3. Most people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of at least one person. Has anyone ever used the restroom in front of you that you wish wouldn't have? What happened and how bad was it?
Nope, not that I recall, anyway.

4. Have you ever had a bad online transaction? You know, the item wasn't what you thought it would be, you got totally ripped-off, no refunds, it just plain sucked? What's the story there?
Again, no. I've been very lucky.

5. Ever have a current love find any old love letters (or similar item) you kept that probably should have been thrown away? How did that turn out?
No. Actually, I threw away a whole bunch of old cards and letters from the boyfriend previous to the husband, because I thought the husband would be upset by them. We talked later, and he said he would have been fine with me keeping them. I guess I should have asked first!

6. A secretary at work was telling me about a trip she took to Mardi Gras. She showed off her beaded necklaces and proudly said she "earned' each and every one of them (for those not familiar with this tradition, ladies walking up Burbon St. in New Orleans will flash people who are upon the balconies, in return the guys will throw them worthless plastic necklaces). I was shocked, I had no idea this quiet gal had a wild side. Was there ever a time when you did something totally outrageous because you knew no one would know who you were, or maybe didn't care even if they did?
Nope. Wow, lots of "no" answers this week. I wish I was a bit more outrageous when I was younger, but the Catholic Guilt kept me pretty well in line. I'd do some things now, if I but had the opportunity.

7. Hey, what happened to you last night? I waited forever!
I was here! Where were you??

BONUS: I know I could break you down, but what good would it do?
Darn, had to look this one up. I'm usually good about these bonuses, too.

Anyway...what are you thinking? There are some things you can't hide.

September 10, 2002

Monday Mission 2.36

The Mission has been moved to the excerpt for any readers who really don't want to read about 9/11.

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September 16, 2002

Monday Mission 2.37

1. Do you have a favorite piece of poetry or prose written by someone else? Care to share it?
I love Robert Frost. Just about any of his will do for me, but I had to read Birches in school for Speech & Debate (my choice), and it's always held a special place in my heart.

2. In High School, did you enjoy creative writing? Do you currently do any other writing in addition to your Blog?
I didn't do much writing like that in high school, though I do have some old stories I worked on at that time somewhere. I did like writing, but I don't recall doing a lot of it.

I have a blog for my writing, and I've not been doing a lot of that lately. I'm spending too much time reading others' works than working on my own. A flaw of mine that I don't know how to truly break. I also write elsewhere, but again, that suffers from my reading too much.

3. Have you ever noticed that the Blog entries you least expect to get the most comments do, and those you expect to generate a lot of feedback don't? Which Blog entry of yours surprised you by getting a lot of comments? Which one did you think would generate a lot but didn't?
None, really. I don't write for comments, so when I get them, I'm always surprised, and most of the time pleased!

4. Sometimes you get a chance to make a lifestyle change that has a huge impact on the course your life takes. That is, a moment where something became very clear to you, and that realization changed your life, such as: the need to leave a relationship, to stop an addiction, to bond with someone, to start a new career, and so on. Have you ever had an "awakening" moment in your life?
I don't really want to talk about the one I can think of. I was in a relationship at the time, and I made a bad decision, and realized too late that I shoudn't have made that decision. To this day I still regret everything that happened - it still haunts me. But it's in the past, and I'll never do anything like that again.

5. Then there are other times where you can have a huge impact on someone else's life. You suggest they see a doctor, stop them from taking that last drink, or maybe just say some kind words at the moment. Have you made a lasting positive impact on the life of someone else?
Before Lou and I were involved, actually one of the first times we'd really talked, I discovered that he was...umm...rather too nice when it came to his friends. They were taking horrible advantage of him, and he hadn't really realized it. I told him at the time (he was going to leave my house, drive 20 minutes to pick up a friend's wife who "didn't want to take the bus" and bring her home. It was about a ten minute drive from her workplace to her house, and then he was going to come back to finish our stuff - it was gaming-related) that he was too nice. And then I showed him what real friends were like.

He eventually stopped hanging around the others so much, and didn't let them take advantage of him anymore.

And he didn't make the trip to take the girl home that night.

6. Are there any charities or organizations which you support? How did you come to be involved with them?
No, nothing really. Lou used to support WGBH out of Boston, but after the whole "selling of the names to political parties" debacle, he refused to give them any more money. We also occasionally give to police charities (for kids going to the circus, etc.) or other things, but not regularly.

7. Care to collaborate with me? Help me out and write the rest of this poem:

I drifted though a dream last night,
visions full of colors bright.
My thoughts began to drift to you,
and in an instant we were two.

I touched your hand,
We began to blend,
Filled with a feeling
that should have no end.


This will require too much thought. Maybe later.

BONUS: Hey cutie, what's up with this attitude?
Darn, don't recognize this one at all. Ah, there it is!

I treat you sweet...but you never say thanks!

September 23, 2002

Monday Mission 2.38

1. When I was young, my Mom would always drink a cold Dr. Pepper in the morning. Me, I can go either way. I like a Cold Frappucchino in the Summer months and switch to warm Mocha Espresso in the Fall. Do you like to drink warm beverages in the morning or do you prefer yours cold?
Hot. Hot tea, preferably. Though I know people who take their caffeine only in cold form, I am not one of them.

2. Have you ever been so upset with someone that you wanted to get revenge? What did you do? Or if you didn't, what would you like to have done?
Not that I can recall. There are some folk I'd like to get revenge on, but I don't recall every doing it.

3. Sometimes I can look back at my past and see so many things that I was too naive to take advantage of. A time where I could have moved ahead in my career if only I'd chosen to move, the High School girlfriend who said she would do anything if I just asked, and so on. Looking back, are there any opportunities you missed out on that you can see now but didn't realize then?
Sure, but I don't regret not taking any of them. I do recall that there was one guy in college who was interested in me, but I didn't see it (I was too busy trying to pursue someone else). On the last day of school, either for my freshman year or possibly before Christmas break my sophomore year (wherein I did not return to school due to lack of funds), said guy came up to me, and told me about how I missed the opportunity to fully appreciate the glory that was he. Or something to that effect. I had always thought he was interested in the girl he hung out with, so I never did anything. After that hug in the hallway, I walked on and just laughed at his overinflated ego.

4. Today I tried on my black slacks, and they are just a skosh too tight (yeah it's a real word, look it up). Of course, I wore them anyway. Are there any clothes you refuse to throw away even though they don't (and never will) fit? Why do you keep them?
Yes. I have a skirt that's a size 8. I had ordered a size 10 once upon a time, and it was too big, so I sent it back and got the 8. I wore it on the trip to England, Ireland, and Wales (it was a great travel skirt), and then it got hung up in the closet. I will never fit into it again, but I don't want to give it away.

I also have a neat little dress I got for a party, and then also wore to my brother-in-law's second wedding. I can fit back into that again...if I just lose a *little bit* more weight.

And then, there's the t-shirt collection.

5. Although my speech classes eliminated most if it, I still have a little Okie accent left. I say "Git" instead of "Get" and "Collar" instead of "Colour." Do you have an accent? Are there any phrases or words you say that tip folks that "you aren't from around these parts?"
I'm not that much of a New Englanda, though a few words slip in here and there. More colloquialisms than an accent. Wicked, for one, or as we say it here, wikkid! I'm sure there are others, but not that come to mind.

6. Speaking of phrases, it really drives me nuts when folks say "very unique" (Unique has no degrees, it is either unique or it isn't) or "irregardless" (not a real word). Are there any words folks misspell or incorrect uses of words that simply drive you insane?
Nucular. That's my biggest pet peeve.

7. I am guilty of using pet names a bit too often, like "honey," "babe," and "sweetie." However, currently, no one uses any pet names on me (and I think I'd like one). Are there any pet names that you like to be called? Any you don't? Do you (or did you) have any pet names for your partner?
We call each other "Hon" and "Honey." We get really sweet and icky when we want the other to do something for us (like go down three flights into the basement to get laundry). That's about as sickly sweet as we get, I think.

I personally have another pet peeve - when a waitperson calls me honey or hon, and they do not know me. THAT really pisses me off. No one that doesn't know me is allowed to call me by those names, nor by sweetheart.

BONUS: Why you so fly?
Funky Cold Medina, my man!

September 30, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.39

1. Who has authority over you?

Immediate authority? Lou, my husband. Though he rarely ever uses it. :) Other than that, and the police and all that stuff, my mom, and me. That's it.

2. Where do you go to get a feeling of community?

My hit list, on the side there. My livejournal (damn, but that is a serious community!). My gaming group.

My family is my family, but not really a community.

3. What do you do, or have you done, in your life that "goes against the tide?"

I proposed to Lou. Got him a ring and everything. I got married with just my mom and Lou's parents present, and we had a party months later for everyone to celebrate our wedding. I went to college for Equestrian Studies.

4. Guilt can be a powerful weapon. Those who have mastered its power can very good at getting what they want. Have you ever used guilt to get you what you want? Have you ever had it used on you? How did you react?

Sure, who hasn't to both of those? Resent? Maybe, but if I choose to let guilt get to me (and I rarely do anymore), then it's my issue.

5. I was walking through the mall Friday night and saw a lot of teenagers who dressed really wild and just acted like idiots - not caring who was looking or what others thought. And I remember being that way, having that kind of freedom. I must have looked like a fool then too. Did you ever do anything in public with your friends as a teenager that you would never do today? Tell me about that.

Nope. I was terribly afraid of being caught. That Catholic Guilt was invested in me. See above. I was such a good girl...

6. I don't watch the television show "Survivor," but I did notice they allow each contestant to bring one "luxury item" to the deserted island with them (make-up, a book, etc.). If you were to go to an island for three months, what five "luxury items" would you bring and why?

Considering that I applied for Survivor (and was turned down), I put on the list my first choice of Lou's Swiss Army Knife (this is close to his, but he doesn't have two saws). I have the CyberTool, which wouldn't be as helpful as who needs screwdrivers on a tropical island?

Second choice was a journal and pen.

But you're letting me pick three other things. Hmm. I'd probably take a flag of some kind, huge, like Colby had. It can easily double as helping with the shelter, which is probably why they wouldn't allow it. The most recent Robert Jordan book, which I just haven't had time to get started reading. Oh, above that, I'd take A Civil Campaign. Lou's rereading it, and leaving it about the house. When I come upon it, I must pick it up and open to a page and start reading. It makes me smile, and I think I'd be needing a lot of that about day 10.

7. If you would have had a choice, in which time period would you have like to have lived? Why?

This one. I like modern conveniences too much. I like computers. If I knew what the future was like, I might go there.

And while I like Medieval stuff, I don't think I could live there. Or in Jacobite Scotland, like another imaginary person did.

BONUS: Where do you dare me to draw the line?

You got the body, now you want the soul, too??

October 7, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.40

1. I just got back from a family reunion. It was ok, but I find those gatherings a little boring. Does your family ever have any reunions or annual get-togethers? Do you enjoy them?

Holiday meals, and the occasional visit of my brother and his family who live in Kansas City, KS. I'm one of seven kids, so with spouses and children we don't need a lot of non-immediate-family people to make any gathering large. I enjoy them in limited doses. We tend to be very loud when we get together, and that drives Lou crazy. He can only take the volume level so much before he needs to flee.

2. A gal I work with told me that when her husband's drivers license comes up for renewal, she swipes it. She says he won't ever pose for pictures and that's the only way she can get a photo of him. Is that not creepy? Are you a picture person? Do you like taking photos, and having yours taken?

I like taking photos, and I don't mind mine being taken, most of the time.

3. Time for show and tell: post a recent photo of yourself!

Hmm...ah, my recent haircut/dye post has a picture of me. Not before I hit lifetime. I should get a new picture of me one of these days.

4. I have a cousin I always knew as Jay. As he got into college, he began to go by Greg. Turns out is name was Greg, Junior. Jay was short for Junior! Can't blame him for changing it. Did you ever have a nick-name growing up? How did it come about? Did you ever give anyone a nickname that stuck?

I am called Jules and Ju (pronounced Joo) by family members. I don't like being called Julie, and will tell people that my name is Julia when they call me that.

I had a nickname of "stork" by mean boys when I was a freshman in high school, because I was so tall and thin. I took the name and made it my nickname for our bowling league, but it's not something I use regularly.

And many of my online friends know me as Dazz or Dazzler, from my Compuserve days. I still respond to being called Dazz, though I don't go by it anymore.

5. Since I don't have cable, a friend promised to send me a few episodes of "Trading Spaces," the show where folks redecorate someone else's home (and I'm still waaaaiiiting on that tape). But that got me to thinking about how I'd change my own house if I were able. And the room I'd do first would be the bathroom. If you could design the bathroom of your dreams, what would it be like? Spare no expense!

Oooh, interesting! Huge wall of dark tile (probably red) and shower heads on it. Huge jacuzzi/tub. Nice amount of counterspace. Typical toilet and sink. Lots of light, but not of those frosted glass cubes or something. (looks at tiny little bathroom in current apartment) Oh, and a fan and a heater! Probably a towel heater too.

6. I've been trying to catch up on the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in re-runs, though I've been told to buy the DVDs. But I think I'd rather borrow them if I could. But there are a few television shows I'd like to own on DVD (like "The Flash" and "Max Headroom"). What shows (if any) do you own in a video collection? What TV shows would you like to see collected on DVD or video?

What do we have? The first two seasons of Buffy on DVD. I have a whole collection of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman taped off the air. I also have almost all of first season MST3k, and all of 2nd. Those will never leave the house, nor be taped over. I also have a lot of Buffy on tape and some of Angel. I religiously taped Angel until it started to suck, then it got really good so I started taping it again.

I've love to see collected one of my favorite shows ever: Friday the 13th, the Series. I loved that show. Well, up until the last season, where they de-aged Ryan and tried to get Mickey a new love interest in the annoying Johnny. Who cares if Mickey and Ryan were cousins! They had great chemistry.

I've also love to see The Flash and Max Headroom on DVD. B5 is coming out soon. Lou probably has some collections of TV shows around, too.

DS9 will eventually be out, and I will get that. I really enjoyed that when I watched it, but I missed some of the best episodes (the last few seasons) and would love to watch them when I can.

7. I recently watched "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang" again, first time since I was little. It held up pretty well, unlike some movies that are better in your memory than they are when you see them again (like "E.T." good movie, but for me, better as a memory). Do you have any favorite movies from your childhood? Do you think you would still enjoy them if you watched them today?

I don't recall too many movies from then that I adored. Star Wars was a big one, and I prefer the non-edited one to the original. But anything younger than that? While we had a VCR early (it had a wired remote!), there wasn't a lot of movies that we rented/bought, and I don't recall the theater much. I do recall seeing the Herbie: The Love Bug movies at the local drive-in. And that's where I saw ET, so I think that's part of the reason why ET has never held a big place in my heart.

BONUS: Don't you know you're sleeping in a spotlight?

I hate the Romantics. Bad memories from visiting a college prior to attending one.

October 15, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.41

1. What's the most expensive meal you've ever eaten? What was the occasion? Was it worth it?


Just me, or with a group of people? Or just Lou and me? I could see lots of different possibilities here...

Well, back when the Milwaukee Hilton had Benson's and not the trendy upscale steakhouse they have now, we had a $100 or so meal. Great steak, appetizers, desserts, etc. We had that as our treat to ourselves on the last night of our GenCon stays.

We also eat at the Fireside (a local place with excellent prime rib), for anniversaries and birthdays.

And yes, they've all been worth it.

When we go out with Lou's parents, they tend to pick up the checks, so I have no idea on the cost.

2. What do you like to do when nobody is looking?


3. What's your special purpose?

Don't know yet. Maybe someday it'll make itself known.

Though I could say it's to keep Lou believing in himself.

4. Do you like Autumn? If so, why? If not, tell me about your favorite season.

Love Autumn in New England. Not as much elsewhere. But my favorite season is Winter in New England. With snow. If it doesn't have snow, and a good ain't winter.

5. Ever recommended a movie to someone only to have them hate it? Which movie? Did you feel uncomfortable about that?

Heh...yes. I had Lou watch Moonstruck because I remembered it as being hysterical.

It was awful on rewatching, and I'm a Nicolas Cage fan. I apologized to him, and I vow when we find one of those movies again, I'll watch it first again before having him see it.

There may be other movies I've recommended that people have hated, but I usually tell them to talk to the hand. They obviously have no clue or appreciation for Real Art (like Tremors, or Undercover Blues).

6. I've had hay fever all day! Sniffles, sneezing, I tell ya, it's awful! Do you have any allergies? Anything that just gets you down for the count?

I'm allergic to penicillin, as is Lou actually. Though I may not be allergic, my mother told me much later. The reaction may have been not for the penicillin, but for what it was fighting at the time. I mentioned it to my allergist (when I was having this problem, but he said it wasn't worth trying to go through a potentially deadly result when there are so many other antibiotics that can be used.

7. Do you like mixed drinks? What is your favorite? As long as we're here how about you order me something too? Just "surprise me!"

BONUS: Why do we scream at each other?

This is what it sounds like when doves cry, hon. Deal with it.

October 22, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.42

1. Have you ever felt like you were expected to set a good example for others?

Not really. I was the 6th of 7 kids, so I was only an example to my younger sister, and look how SHE turned out (heh...she doesn't read this blog).

2. What keeps you on the right path? For example, why do you think you turned out the way you did as opposed to the nut ball sniper out there?

Guilt. The possibility of being caught doing something bad, something that I shouldn't do. That fear kept me in line. Still does, to some extent, but not as much as when I was growing up.

I think it goes back to the big family thing. Any of my older brothers and sisters would have gleefully pointed to me if I made a mistake, reveling in my misery. (okay, maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but still...)

Why didn't I turn out like the nutball sniper? Because I know that what s/he's doing is wrong, and I'm not all about the power.

3. Sometimes things seem different than they really are. When was the last time you believed something to be one way only to learn you had it all wrong?

Heh. I always believed that people saw the world as I did. It was quite the eye-opener to realize that they didn't. It was never conscious, but an unconscious belief. Like why a friend lets their parent dictate their behavior. They can just say no, right? What do you mean, they can't?

Other than that, I'm always right. So anything else is irrelevant. (heh)

4. Can you recall a time when being alert and observant kept you safe?

Not really. I've managed to life a safe life, even with some travel overseas. I've been lucky that way.

5. Who in your personal circle of relationships do you think is smarter than you? Are they smarter in just one area, or overall? How do you feel about that? How do they interact with you?

How does one define "smarter?" Book-smart? Life-smart? Wise?

Lou is more life-smart than I am. I think it comes from his background and profession.

There are a few book-smarter than me, but not many, I think. Extending the circle to people I don't see weekly, but monthly, nets a few more. Jack is probably the smartest one of our bunch - comes from being an actuary, and having fun with numbers. And he can remember tons of facts and neat things.

Wise? I don't think I'm that wise, so probably a decent amount.

I'm fine with my friends and my interactions. I don't hate them if they're smarter than me, or envy them. I'm fine with myself. Though Lou's starting to get annoyed that I keep asking him things that he doesn't know the answers to, because Ken always had the answer. He was really book-smart, and trivia-smart.

6. Let's daydream a little: Describe in detail the most perfect lazy day, start to finish.

Get up late, stay in my PJs and eat cereal while watching some TV. Then I turn off the tube, curl up on the couch with a blanket, and read a favorite book.

Lunch is whatever's on hand and quick to eat. Also easily edible with one hand.

Maybe I get dressed in the afternoon, but probably not. Put down the book to watch TV while dinner is ordered out, and then back to reading again.

Fall back into bed late, finishing up book and sleeping peacefully.

7. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as? If not, how come? What is the most favorite costume you ever had?

Nope. While I love Halloween, we don't get any trick-or-treaters (we're on the third floor of a house converted into apartments), we just don't bother anymore.

It also doesn't help that Lou isn't really into Halloween. I get all excited, and get an "eh?" in response, which helps kill the mood, unfortunately. He's not discouraging me, but when he doesn't get into it as much as I do, I lose interest.

I dressed as a gypsy many times for Halloween when I was younger. Borrowed lots of Mom's jewelry, put on a flowing skirt and a blouse top, lots of scarves, etc. It was simple. I'm not a big one for costumes.

BONUS: Come on baby tell me what?s the word?

Grease? Bird? Pick one, any one.

October 28, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.43

1. Ever do anything over and over just to make someone else happy but discover you actually hate it?

Nope. I have difficulty hiding my feelings for long, so if I didn't like it, they'd know before I repeated it too often.

And I'd probably just tell them.

2. What kinds of obligations do you enjoy?

Family gatherings. Work when it *works* (got the firewall issues fixed! Ha, Brown, we TOLD you it was you! *sticks out tongue*)

If I've committed myself to something, then it's an obligation. So all of my games fall into that category.

3. What are your feelings about celebrating Halloween?

I love it. I wish I got more into it. But that's explained in another post, so see here.

I have a whole box of Halloween decorations in the attic. We have more for Christmas of course (my mother-in-law insisted on giving us ornaments for presents for the first few years we were in our apartment. We finally had to ask her to stop...we don't have room for a tree that big!), but Halloween is my second favorite holiday, not that it is one, but you know what I mean.

4. Are there any stories of bodily functions you would prefer people not share with you in conversation?

If I don't like something, I'll tell someone to stop. But I'm pretty open. However, I don't care to know what your dren looks like, so you can leave that out of the description, thanks.

5. What do you think is the most important aspect of personal hygiene that bothers you when people overlook it?

Eh, nothing, really. I don't have one particular thing that annoys me. I mean, I go to GenCon, which doesn't have the unwashed masses that comics conventions has (at least not since more women got involved in the hobby), but there are always exceptions.

Just make sure you smell okay, and I'll be fine.

6. Ponder the thought of being forever young, living on endlessly, being immortal. What would that life be like for you?

Boring after a time. I'd enjoy it at first, of course. Can I be undying too? So not only do I not get old, but I don't die (or I come back to life if I do die). I'd have to have that to go along with it.

There can be only one, after all.

7. What's the last thing you felt was "worth fighting for?"

Getting the promotion at my office. I'd worked hard and long for this, dammit, and I was ready to fight! Or to use an OVERused cliche, go to the mattresses!

And if Lou's job doesn't improve, he may find me ready to fight for him to get the recognition he deserves. (hmmph!)

BONUS: Sooner or later, they all will be gone...why don't they stay young?

Because then we'd all be like the kids from Miri. And we wouldn't want that now, would we?

November 10, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.44

1. Have you ever had to appear in court? What was the reason? How did it turn out?

Only for jury duty!

2. Ever been accused of something you never did? Were you able to convince anyone?

Oh, probably as a kid growing up. I was the sixth of seven kids, I know I got blamed a lot for things I didn't do. Managed to survive just fine, even if I didn't ever convince anyone.

3. When it comes to crime and punishment, do you agree with the saying "An eye for an eye?"

Not always. But in some cases, yes. Those cases would involve me or those close to me personally. Yes, it's not very fair, but what can I say? It's personal.

4. Are you a judgemental person? Do you ever make up your mind about a person before you know them? When was the last time that happened? Or if not, how do you keep from being judgemental?

No, I'm not really judgemental. I may have some preconceived notions about some people, but I'm always ready to have them proven wrong.

I just try to keep an open mind.

5. When I was in 6th grade I lit a match in class accidentally and was given the choice of having my folks called or getting 10 "swats." I took swats and damn, that wooden paddle with the holes drilled in it hurt like hell (not to mention the horible whistling sound it made before impact). I don't think they allow "swats" anymore. Ever get "swats" at school? How do you feel about children being spanked in school. Is it best that they don't do that anymore? How about parents spanking kids? Good or bad?

Nope, no swats at school. I don't think schools should be disciplining kids that way. That's not for them to handle, it should be a parental decision.

Parents should keep the option open and it shouldn't be the first, or only, punishment.

6. What is your favorite "Chick Flick?"

Tough call. I think I have to go with The Cutting Edge. "Toe pick..."

7. Describe the last situation you were in that can best be summed up by the phrase "seemed like a good idea at the time?"

Can't think of one off the top of my head, so I'd have to say it was pretty long ago.

BONUS: Who will bury us when we die?

I'm hoping to not be buried, but be cremated. Ashes put into the soil surrounding a newly-planted birch tree.

But other than that...If you've got the brawn, I've got the brains. Let's make lots of money.

November 21, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.46

1. When I was a teenager, I used to ride all the "spin-y" rides at the fair and fun parks. I'd never get dizzy or sick, and I could ride them all day. My favorite was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now I should call it the "Tilt-A-Hurl" because it seems I can't even get on a Merry-Go-Round without feeling queasy. Is there anything you used to be able to do physically that you no longer can? What changed?

I'm very similar in that rides that I used to have no problem with left me feeling queasy. The first time I noted it was years long that Rocky Point Amusement Park was where I got sick. The ride, which I had previously loved, The Enterprise (the ride at the top of this pic), made me so ill when I left that I headed to the restroom and tossed my lunch. Now, it could have been because I had just eaten lunch, but I don't know. And I don't think I went back to Rocky Point to check again before it closed.

I also can't read in the car most of the time. I know I was able to do this before, but now it can make me feel really ill. I've tried adjusting the position where I hold the book/paper/whatever, and that helps. Only problem is that sometimes I block the side mirror so that Lou can't see it.

And horseback ride without any problems. I've lost all the muscles for that. I took a lesson again SOME years ago and just couldn't sit the trot anymore. I had no muscles, couldn't find the rhythym, and was all over the place. *sighs*

2. If you could go to lunch with someone famous, anyone living or dead, who would you choose? What questions would you ask them?

Joss Whedon. I'd love to pick his brain about Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

3. On that same thought, there are probably several Bloggers you enjoy reading but have never met in real life. Which one Blogger would you most like to meet for dinner? Why did you pick that person? What would you talk about? What do you have in common? What would you do after dinner?

Dinner? Oh, that's easy. ***Dave, hands-down. Margie would have to cook dinner, because I've heard nothing but raves about it. And I'd get to see the Kitten. And Doyce would hopefully be there, killing two blogger birds with one stone, so to speak.

We'd talk about gaming, TV shows that we like, writing, computer stuff, etc. Life in Denver, hopefully I'd get to talk about life in New England.

After dinner, we'd game some sort of game, or just chat with a nice glass or two of wine and maybe some cookies or something desserty.

4. Money (or the lack thereof) is the number one cause of arguments amongst couples. Do you find this to be true? If there really was a "Money Tree" you could go an pick, would this really solve a couple's problems?

It can, but it's not the root of the problem. Money may be the root of all evil, but it's not the cause of a breakup.

Now that said, if you tell me where the tree is, I'll be sure to pick sparingly.

5. Speaking of arguments, have you ever been drawn into any nasty, hateful arguments? The kind where hurtful things were said that had nothing to do with the fight at hand? What was that all about? How did it turn out?

Yeah, I'm sure I have. Most of the time the nasty, hurtful things get said at that time because they've built-up in the person's mind, and they just explode out.

But I'm not recalling any specific time.

6. When was the last time you had to admit you were wrong about something? How did that go?

It takes a lot for me to admit I'm wrong about something. I usually have it dragged out of me, kicking and screaming. Lou's nice enough not to gloat about it when he's right.

But it happens so rarely... (hides from husband)

7. Now for a slight change of theme....what song should never have been written?

That Ketchup Song thing. Or the Chicken Dance song. It's a toss-up.

BONUS: Are you ready for a new sensation?

Only if I can have it in excess.

November 28, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.47

1. Have you ever made a wish that came true?

Not that I can remember.

2. How about any wishes that you are happy never came true?

I wished a lot as a kid, on wishbones, falling stars, etc. Haven't done a lot of it lately, so I can't think of any again.

3. Do you like who you are? Are you the person you hoped you would become?

Yes, I pretty much like myself. I'm not quite where I'd like to be. In some ways, I'm way hell-and-gone different from where I thought I would be as a child, but I am happy with me as I am. Mostly.

4. I recently found some job applications that I never turned in. Back in 1986 I intended to apply at "County Seat" and "Chess King" but got an offer from Penny's (where I worked all through college). It was a good thing, since only one of the three is still around. Have you ever applied for positions, or had any interviews, where you later are glad you never got the job?

Yes. Well, not quite. I did data entry for a hospital as a temp at one time. They were taking a hospital's records and computerizing them. The company was out of Boston, but the temp agency and the hospital were local. I talked to the guy in charge of the job, and we talked about me working for the company doing data entry, becuase I *shudder* loved it. I never followed up, because living in Boston would have killed me, as would the job have.

Other than that, I've gotten every job I've interviewed for. I haven't interviewed for many.

5. While on the topic of career opportunities, what was your very first "real" job? What job was the most embarrassing?

I worked as a temp again, for what was supposed to be two weeks. It was a lot longer than that in actuality, because the person who was out for surgery was told by her doctor that she needed to retire to Florida (the New England weather was not nice to her arthritis), and so she did. I stayed and eventually interviewed and was hired. This was a receptionist and assistant to the Headmaster position at a private middle and high school in Rhode Island.

I haven't had many embarrassing jobs, thankfully. Though I did wait at functions as a temp. That wasn't fun, but not really embarrassing.

6. Speaking of news, have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? Such as being in the newspaper, on television, linked on a high-profile site or otherwise caught in the spotlight of the media?

Other than have a photo I took of someone else be in the Advocate, no, I've avoided the spotlight.

7. In the USA, many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving this week. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving (or something like it)? Do you enjoy getting together will your extended family for these types of celebrations?

No, Thanksgiving is the time Lou and I spend with extended friends, not extended family. I am writing this now from TurkeyCon (not to be confused with TurkeyCon), wherein my husband, myself, and a bunch of friends descend upon friends who live in Cary, NC for the week. We have other holidays to spend with family. This is for ourselves.

BONUS: Where is the tenderness? In the turkey I just ate. Yum.

December 9, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.48

Catching up on old things...

1. Suppose God (or your deity of choice) grants you one miracle. Consider the world in which we live. Consider your life and family. What would you request for this miracle? Are you sure that is the best way to use it? You only get one.

Ah, but wishes can be twisted, even by God/the Gods. Just ask anyone who's read THE LATHE OF HEAVEN. We may wish for no racial conflicts, but then everyone is the same color of grey, and then where would we be?

And to wish for diseases to be cured...definitely a good cause! But in researching these diseases, we find out many more things that are useful to us in our everyday lives.

So, I only get one, and I have to decide the best way to use it. I think I am not qualified to make such a decision. But for simplicity's sake, I choose to have discovered cures for all forms of cancer. Not that I want the discovery myself, but that it becomes known.

2. I believe that prayers do get answered, but I realize not everyone agrees. Have you ever had an experience where you truly believe your prayer was answered? If you don't believe in such things, how come? What is your philosophy on prayer?

Since I don't really believe in an all-powerful god, I don't really believe in prayer to him/her/it. However, I do believe in the power of the person, and positive thinking/positive energy can do miracles in and of themselves. So no, I've not had a prayer fulfilled that I can recall.

3. Have you ever lost a pet? That is, have you ever had a pet get loose, run away or be stolen? Did you get it back? How did the loss impact your life?

Growing up, we lived on a cul-de-sac at the bottom of a long street, near the water. We let our animals out (cats and later a dog) without fear of any harm coming to them. Collar for the dog, and occasionally one for the cat, but not often.

If anything happened to our girls now, in our apartment...if they got out of our apartment, down the two flights of stairs and out the other door, my heart would be in my throat. We live on a VERY busy street, and the only time they've been outside has been in cat carriers to the vet and back. I would be freaked.

4. Getting together with family at the holidays is great, I just love it. Most of all I love the food. What is your favorite holiday food?

Mashed potatoes. With lots of butter and gravy!

5. One thing I've noticed about the holidays is that no one makes Pumpkin Pie like my Grandmother. She has totally spoiled me on her recipe, I just don't like the taste of anyone else's Pumpkin Pie. Are there are dishes or desserts that someone in your family fixes better than anyone else?

Ick ick ick! I *hate* pumpkin pie.

My sister makes a killer chourico stuffing. I love my mom's fried chicken. No one can make it like her.

6. Since I have no brothers or sisters, I am always wondering what it would have been like. Now that I am older, it kinda stinks that I will never be an Uncle. Do you have any siblings with children? How does it make you feel to be an Aunt or an Uncle? If not, would you like to be have nieces and nephews? Would you make a good relative to them?

Heh. My husband inherited 9 nieces and nephews when he married me. Being one of seven kids, we have a lot of us to produce nieces and nephews.

I'm not as involved with them as I could be. But I didn't have a lot of cousins growing up. My father was an only child, and my mother's family lives in the midwest, so we never saw them much. Fortunately I had my 6 sibs to keep me busy. We're close, some of us anyway. I enjoy being an aunt, but I have too many relatives to go overboard. And my family isn't close like others I've seen/heard about. We get together every now and then, and at holidays, but that's about it.

7. I am putting together a CD of great holiday music. Do you have any suggestions of what songs (title/artist) I should include?

Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. Any Christmas carols sung by anyone. That's the one thing I miss the most about school and church - singing/singing along with the choir.

BONUS: How would you feel knowin' prejudice was obsolete and all mankind danced to the same beat?

Pretty cool, actually.

Monday Mission 2.49

1. Do you get sick very often? What illness do you find that you've had most frequently?

I don't get really sick very often, but I take preventative sick days/measures. If I'm feeling unwell, I know it's better for me to take a day off and rest up than to struggle into work, make myself sick or sicker, and take a longer time out sick to recover from pushing myself.

That said, I get colds pretty often.

2. I know a man who flat out refuses to go to the Doctor's office. You'd need an ambulance to get him near a hospital. Not me, I'd rather go as soon as I feel sick so I can get better. Do you mind going to see the Doctor when you get sick? Do you know anyone who just refuses to go to a Doctor when they get ill? Any idea why they are like that?

I don't mind seeing the doctor at all. I love my doctor (no, not THAT way!), and he always listens to me. Lou is also pretty good about going to see his doctor, though I usually have to poke at him a bit if he thinks it's something that'll pass and I don't.

3. How about visiting the Dentist? Do you go get a check-up every 6 months? Or do you dread going?

I hate it, but I go every six months to get my teeth cleaned. My dentist is my sister's brother-in-law (my brother-in-law's brother), and he's really good.

Now Lou...I can't get him within 10 miles of a dentist. We both have dental phobia, but I've gotten past mine. I wish he'd go for just a cleaning. *sighs*

4. I've heard about a diet pill called "Thermolift" that allegedly gives you quite an energy rush (oh boy mentioning this will surely bring us all a ton of Google hits won't it?). Although I've thought about getting some of these pill for the times I need a boost, I'm probably not going to take the plunge. Have you ever taken any diet pills, energy pills or energy drinks? How did they make you feel? Do you still take them? How come?

Heh. No, no diet pills or energy crap. I took No-Doz once, and couldn't stop talking for two hours. Dawn (my friend who was driving us back from a visit to another friend) said that she'd never seen anything like it before. All I remember is being very tired. I don't recall a word I said.

For dieting, I use Weight Watchers. There is no better program out there, period.

5. Have you heard about "Gastric Bypass" surgery that many celebrities are doing to lose weight? (The process reduces the size of your stomach to facilitate weight loss) What are your thoughts on this procedure? Would you ever consider it? How would you feel if a relative were to decide to undergo the procedure?

Depends on the relative. Again, go with the Weight Watchers above unless you have some serious problems. If the relative was so overweight (not that any are) and in desperate need of a kickstart to losing weight, I'd want to make sure that it was okay for everyone involved, though.

6. What do you think the opposite sex needs to experience to fully understand what it is like to be your gender?

Menstruation. 'Nuff said. Of course, I haven't had a child myself yet...

7. And to lighten things up a bit before we go...What's the most worthless gadget, infomercial item or "looked like a bargain" item you have ever purchased or owned?

Heh...we got a free vacuum marinader when sent us the wrong package. I ordered an extra bowl for my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and got the marinader instead. They said I could keep it. It's not been much use.

Now, since I didn't buy that myself, it probably shouldn't count. I have some Pampered Chef items that I had to have and never use. Like the tart shaper. Then again, I haven't used the tart pan...yet! Or my flan pans. I must bake at Christmastime.

BONUS: Why can't every day be like Christmas?

Because it would be cold all the time in the northern hemisphere and hot all the time in the southern. Duh!

December 16, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.50

1. So, what do you want for Christmas this year that you probably won't get?

TiVo or ReplayTV.

2. What do you know you will be receiving for Christmas this year?

Oh, probably the red wine glasses I asked for, since people now know that I don't want glasses that are RED, but wine glasses for red wine.

3. If you had the means to do so, what presents would you get some of your fellow bloggers? Be specific, it's more fun that way!

I'd buy everyone who had an Amazon list everything that was on it. I don't have time to be more specific than that right now.

4. Do you support any organizations that provide for the less fortunate during the holidays? Or do any volunteer work?

Nope, and nope. I may drop some change into the Salvation Army bucket, but that's about it.

We give in other directions.

5. Each year about this time, I notice Church attendance seems to spike, then drops off sharply after Christmas. It tickles me that these folks think they are pulling a fast one on the Big Guy. What is the most recent thing guilt has motivated you to do?

To clean up the crap littering my office. Like laptops that need to go to Service & Repair.

6. According to the commercials, the only way to truly tell someone you love them on Christmas day is to let them "Unwrap a Jaguar" automobile. Are there any examples of excessive commercialism and/or blatant disregard for the "Christmas Spirit" that really get under your skin?

That's about it. There's also a Lexus commercial like that, I think.

7. I remember a song where the singers wished they could teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. What would you like to teach the world?

That it's okay to have different views on this. Respect others.

I just wish I could teach myself that first.

BONUS: Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

If they celebrate it, then yes. If not, then what's the point of converting them to our crass commercialism? Are they Christian? If not, then they don't need to know about it, thankyouverymuch.

December 27, 2002

Monday Mission 2.51

1. So, have you been naughty or nice this year? Both? Gimme details!

I've been nice. I'm rarely ever naughty. And no details, sorry!

2. Are there any Christmas television commercials that you look forward to each year?

Commercials? Oh, I love the cheese commercial where the girl left Santa cheese and got a ton of presents. I also love the old Staples commerical where everything is gift-wrapped, including the dog. I like new, inventive commercials. I hate the Lexus commercial, but I do like when the guy gets the dog to bring the keys to the woman on the couch. That's cool.

3. Are you the type that likes to know what you are getting as a present (do you rattle the boxes?) or do you like suprises?

I rattle the boxes just before I open them. Usually to check for LEGO.

4. Have you ever been scared of those "mall Santas?" Is there anything at "the mall" that does scare you?

No, and the food courts. Even though I eat there on occasion, they frighten me.

5. We've talked about Holiday foods you love, so what holiday foods do you hate?

Egg nog. Ick. Can't stand the nog.

6. Have you ever forgotten to buy someone a gift? How did that situation play out?

No, we're pretty good about that.

7. Describe (or post a pic of) the tackiest holiday yard decorations you've ever seen?

Edaville Railroad's Festival of Lights. Most especially the plains of Africa section.

Bonus: Can the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid?

You're just paranoid. But I'd wear the foil hat just to be sure.

December 31, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.52

1. Which Blog post of yours was one of your favorites of 2002?

Eep. Urk. Gah. I have no idea. Let me get back to yo on that...

Okay, now that I've answered the other questions, I have time to review this.

I have a few contenders.

Most recently, I have my amusing rant about trying to find a parking place at Brown.

From January 2002, I have a post where I talk about Grissom, Chaffee, and White, and my connection to the Apollo missions.

But I think I'm going to have to go with my t-shirt entry. I had a lot of fun writing that one up. And now I have new shirts. *whines*

2. Were there any "old acquaintances" that should be forgot this year?, he was last year's news, come to think of it. So no.

3. Did you finish what you started last week?

Heh. No, no I didn't.

Oh, save the comics! I got as far as I could with the supplies we have. Go me!

(hmm...I didn't blog about that. I bagged and boarded about four years worth of comics that had been piled up. Fortunately we don't get a lot of comics. But now I have all of Midnight Nation in one place as well as Midnight Mass (both complete in their runs), and I can finish reading those. Plus the collections of KoDT, Girl Genius, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Rising Stars, and others I need to catch up on. Waay far behind on my comic reading.

4. Will you be doing anything to celebrate "New Year's Eve?" Any traditional food or drinks you associate with "New Year's?"

Friends are coming over, with more friends! Pat & Betsy usually have their own celebration, since today is Pat's birthday. But they're doing stuff during the day, so they'll be stopping by tonight. Kevin will be coming over, sans Corey, who will most likely be spending his New Year's Eve online on Evercrack. And Jack's coming down and will be staying over, so we are having a bit of the gathering.

No real traditional food or drink, tho. We will most likely play Crash Team Racing or MarioKart, which are traditional. :)

5. What was the coolest present you got this year?

My iPod. Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah!

6. The day after Christmas, around 3pm, I drove by a car where the driver and his passenger were each drinking a beer; there was no mistake about it. I was shocked, because I'd never seen anyone actually do this. And wasn't sure what I should do about it. What would you do in the same situation?

Call the cops on my cellphone and report them.

7. Have you ever driven a car while drinking alcohol? Ever driven drunk or known anyone who has? How'd that turn out?

No. Driven drunk? Well, I've must admit I've driven "buzzed" but I have only been really really drunk like about 3 times in my life, and most of those were before I was legally able to drink.

I don't do it anymore. Lou won't even let me drive if I've had a glass of wine with a big dinner. So everything turned out fortunate for me, and I will not drink and drive again. It's just too risky.

Bonus: Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

Hey, they were like that when I found them! Don't go blaming me for YOUR issues. *grumbles*

January 6, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.1

1. What is one of your favorite things to wear?

T-shirts. Any kind.

2. Did you get any "dud" gifts for the holidays? Will you return them?

Umm...nope! I loved all my gifts this year!

3. Let's do a few "Best of 2002" thoughts. What was the best movie of 2002? Why did you pick that one?

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Duuuuuh.

4. What world event of 2002 made an impact on you?

Hrm. I can't think of one off-hand that has made a personal impact on me.

5. What personal event of 2002 was the most memorable?

Going to Las Vegas in February with my husband and his in-laws.

6. Is there anything in 2002 (decisions, relationships, purchases, etc.) that, looking back, you would have done differently?


7. Shine up your magic crystal ball and look into the future. What do you think will happen in your life in 2003? Or, what would you like to happen in 2003?

I'd like to get a better handle on my spending, so I can get a better handle on our debt.

BONUS: Was it somethin' I said or somethin' I did, did my words not come out right?

The problem is, you're just not listening to what I'm saying, you're hearing what you want to hear.

January 13, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.2

1. Have you ever bought something you were so excited about and found out later that it didn't work? Were you able to return it? How did it go?

I just bought my first ReplayTV, open box, and it was missing the IR blaster and serial cables. I did return it, and got another one, non-open-box, elsewhere.

2. I have a Palm (Pilot) for my date book and such, but have been thinking of jumping to the PocketPC world at some point. Do you have a PDA (personal digital assistant)? What kind, and how did you decide? What do you like about it? If you don't own one, do you want one or do you do better without such gadgets?

I have a Palm IIIc, a gift from my boss at work. It's work's Palm, not mine, but we had money we needed to spend, so she got me it.

Not much decision on my part here...just told by Kate to go to the Brown Computer Store and pick up two IIIc's, one for her, one for me.

I love that it's color, that I have a keyboard attachment for it, that I can have novels on it, and write novels on it (with Documents To Go), and also that it Helps Me with my Work. Can't forget to add that in.

3. What illness do you wind up catching more than any other?

Colds. The occasional sore throat. I've had pink eye a number of times in the past few years, and have never had it in my life prior to that.

4. Do you like going to see the Doctor (any type)?

Not a problem for me. It's not the highlight of my day, but I really like my doctors.

5. How about the Dentist? Do you like going? Do you go in every 6 months for a check-up?

I don't enjoy the dentist. I have dental phobia. But I've gotten over most of it, especially since my sister worked in a dentist's office for a while and I went to her boss, and my brother-in-law's brother (my sister's husband's brother) is a dentist, and is now my dentist. That has helped tremendously.

I do go twice a year for cleanings to Nina, one of his dental hygenists.

6. Are you a "Dog Person" or a "Cat Person?" Do you think a person's choice tells you something about their personality?

Cat person. I love dogs, don't get me wrong, but I am a cat person, through and through.

And yes, you can tell something about a person from what animal person they are.

7. I've mentioned before how me and a buddy of mine have just let our friendship lapse. There was no disagreement, but we've hit that point where we have nothing in common anymore. My life has progressed and he is still living in 1992. Have you ever had a friendship that just seems to have run its course? Where there is just nothing there anymore? What finally happened?

Yes, of course. Friends drift apart. It's life. People change, their interests change, and then they don't spend a lot of time together anymore.

My best friend from high school is someone I keep in touch with every now and then. We kept in better touch when she was playing in my once-a-month game, but even then it was rare. Now she has two children, I have none, and we don't have time nor a lot in common anymore. I still consider her a friend, and should probably call/email her more often, but I'm lazy and busy and so is she.

January 21, 2003

Monday Mission 3.03

1. Friday I wrote about "People I Can Do Without." How about adding to the list with a few people you can live without?

I can live without just about anyone. I'm a real loner-type, though I've been moving away from that in the past, oh, 10 years.

2. Have you ever felt like someone truly respected you? What does being respected mean to you personally?

Oh. Err. Urk. Umm...hmmmm. My husband, I hope. Other than that, people respect my knowledge, but I don't know that they do the whole me.

Being respected means that someone can understand where I'm coming from and treats me with that understanding. Respect.

Frell, that so sucks.

3. In (past or current) relationships, what is the "one thing" your partner would change about you if they could?

I think Lou would change that I always have to be right. But I always am, so there you are. ;)

4. Have you ever tried to change who you are to please someone? How did that turn out?

No, never. I can't imagine even attempting it. It's then not *me.*

5. Do you believe in love at first sight? Can it really happen?

Yes. But the best kinds of love are the ones that take time to build up.

6. Today is "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" in the United States. King's non-violent protests against unequal treatment of African-American people led to radical change in America, and ultimately, his assassination in 1968. How have Rev. King's accomplishments impacted or influenced your life?

Not much, alas, at least not directly.

7. In America, our President declared yesterday to be "National Sanctity of Life Day." While it enacts no change in policy or program, it does allow our country's leader to make a declarative statement about abortion. How do you feel when you hear about a government taking a position such as this?

Really pissed off. Keep your hands off my body, Mr. Bush.

January 27, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.04

1. Do you care for poetry? Do you have a favorite poem? Care to share some of it?

Poetry really isn't my thing. That said, I love Robert Frost's poems. Birches was the one I chose to read in high school Speech & Debate class. I didn't prepare enough for it, so I scored shitty.

2. What does it take to "rock your world?"

Anything. Everything. Gaah, there is so much. Let me sum up.

It has to hit my buttons, which are wide and varied. LotR rocked my world. Bujold's Curse of Chalion rocked my world. My husband repeatedly rocks my world. The Dixie Chicks' Traveling Soldier rocks my world.

Get it?

3. Have you ever done anything that landed you in financial trouble? Has somebody else's action ever caused you financial ruin? What happened?

When I got my first checking account, I never kept it balanced. And then I got a car. My car payments were late, often. I almost had it repossessed, but managed to squeak out of that one.

I've not gotten anyone else into financial ruin, unless you count dragging Lou into my debt as ruin. :)

4. Take a stroll down memory lane. There is a song, that every time you hear it, you think of this one person. What's the song, who is the person, and what memories does it conjure up?

College. There was a hallmate who hated me, for no reason. I guess I had moved into her territory, taken her friends as mine. Later, much later, she told me that she didn't know why she hated me so much, and we kinda moved beyond it. But I never really liked her, or trusted her.

While we were still on the outs, I heard Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." And every time I hear that song now, I think of her.

5. I've never cared for football, it was never on in the house growing up and I never developed a "taste" for it. But I've always felt like I "should" enjoy it, that I was deficient in some way because I never get excited about things like the Super Bowl (except for the commercials). Are there any occasions when you feel like you are missing out on something that everyone else seems to enjoy?

No, not really. I don't watch the SuperBowl, or much sports at all. But I don't feel like I'm missing something.

6. A few of the phrases that get under my skin are "take it to the next level" (which was used when I was told why I was being replaced at Fox by someone who could do that) and "you just don't get it" (always popular in relationship fights). What phrases "push your buttons" and why?

None that I can think of off the top of my head.

7. Do you believe in life after death? What do you believe happens when our time is up?

No, I don't think I do believe in life after death. I don't believe in heaven, or hell, either. I haven't really given it an extensive analysis, but I do think that there are ghosts and some sort of afterlife. I'm just not sure what.

February 3, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.05

1. Do you remember the first LP, 45, CD or CD single that you bought? Recreate the scene for me.

Sorry, I have no clue.

2. What was the last CD or song that you actually paid money for? husband buys CDs more than I do. I listen to the ones he buys. Hrm.

For me, I bought the Final Fantasy X soundtrack. For him, I bought "Music for Elevators," Tony Head's CD. For both of us, I bought the "Once More, With Feeling" episode soundtrack.

3. It is my personal opinion that "Munchos" and "Funions" are the most perfect snack food ever. What do you think is the best snack food ever?

Cheetos. Crunchy Cheetos. NOT the Puffed, or the paws, or whatever. Crunchy Cheetos.

4. Comedian George Carlin once pointed we consider the things we like to keep around us to be our "stuff," whereas other people's stuff is just junk to us (ok, he used more colorful language, but you get the idea). What "stuff" do you have that someone else might just throw away if they were cleaning out your house?

Bwahahahahahahaha! Where do I begin?

First off, my movie ticket stub collection. I have a bunch in various coat pockets. But I also have a ton in on top of my dresser.

Various junk here and there, too. But I think the ticket stubs would be the first to go.

5. Do you think it is wrong for people to rush to e-Bay and start selling Space Shuttle Columbia collectibles?

YES. Hell yes. They should be brought up on charges.

6. Does it bother you when President Bush speaks about God and invokes scripture quotations from the Bible during his speeches?

YES. Hell yes. He should be reminded of the separation of church and state. Every day.

7. I have a friend who think's she's being photographed in public restrooms. What paranoid delusion do you have?*

Umm...none, that I know of. Or that I recall at the moment.

February 10, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.06

1. In the states, every citizen is expected to perform their civic duty and serve on a jury at some point. This week, I am on jury duty. Have you ever had to serve on a jury?

Yes. Criminal case (robbery). Defendent fled before sentencing, we convicted him in absentia.

I've also been called to jury duty once more, in MA where I live now (the jury I served on was in RI), and did not get called.

2. If you were to ever serve on a jury, would you be able to give someone the death penalty?

Yes. I don't think I'd do it out of hand, but I think I could make that judgement.

3. One thing that concerns me about jury duty is what my life would be like if I had to convict someone. I'd always be worried about some sort of retaliation from the convict, or their family. Has fear of negative consequences ever kept you from reporting a crime or voicing your opinion?


4. When it comes to convictions, I've never even been convicted of speeding (accused yes, but heh, never convicted). Have you ever been accused of or convicted for breaking any laws? What's the real story there?

Only speeding, and only tickets. I haven't gone to court or anything.

5. It looks like I will have a lot of time on my hands this week in the jury pool. I may get called, I may not. If not, I go back tomorrow. Rinse, wash, repeat. How would you pass the time if you had to sit and wait around from 8am-5pm for 5 days?

Been there, done that. MA has a one-day thing, but RI at the time did not. I read. Brought books and read. Now, I'd probably bring books and my Palm and keyboard, and I'd write or read, as the mood struck.

6. One thing I do like about this "civic duty" is that it will be at the downtown courthouse. I LOVE downtown. There is just so much life there. What part of your town is your favorite to visit? Why? What makes it so special?

I'm not a city person, but I like Providence's waterfront. With Waterfire and everything, Buddy did a great job of spiffing up Providence before he went up the river.

7. I'm not that outgoing around strangers, so I doubt I will be meeting many new people this week. Do you have any problems striking up a conversation with someone you don't know? Have chance encounters with strangers ever led to interesting new relationships or opportunities?

No problems striking up conversation here. It usually depends on the situation, but if I can find something in common to talk about with someone I will.

I don't think anything has led anywhere, though. Well, other than the man who sold me tires for my car one time ended up becoming my husband, but the tires were totally unrelated to how we met. Heh.

February 27, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.07

1. For me, breakfast usually consists of a bagel and cream cheese. And I wait until about 10AM to eat it, mostly to avoid eating a mid-morning snack. What do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast?

I usually have a cereal bar of some kind for breakfast during the week, and I eat it once I get into work. On weekends, we tend to eat out, wherein we go to a place that has a huge variety of food, so I will get eggs or pancakes or waffles or some combination thereof.

But I do love cereal, even though I don't eat it much anymore.

2. Back in 1990, I worked at a radio station in the Promotions Department. Our office was directly below the DJ booth. One day there was this thundering bass booming from upstairs. It was just a huge booming sound, with an amazing beat. My manager and I bolted out of the office and up the stairs to the production room. When we opened the door I was smacked in the body by a wall of sound. What I heard reminded me of "Super Freak" but the bass was thumping like I'd never heard before. Then the vocals began, it was a "rap" I would never forget: "My, my, my music hits me so hard, makes me say 'Oh, My Lord, thank you for blessin' me, with a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet.'" The song was MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" and it blew my mind. What was the song that "blew your mind" and is etched in your brain forever? Recall the moment and why it remains in your mind.

No clue. I don't tend to have those kind of moments about music, usually because I'm doing a number of different things as I listen to it.

3. Do you like to gamble? Have you ever won (or lost) big?

We play the lottery on occasion, and we went to Las Vegas last year. I had fun with the slots and Blackjack, though I won more at the slots than cards. I won/saved enough to buy us a PS2 when we got home, so I'd say that was big enough.

4. Some people find comfort for their troubled mind in food. Others find it in music or books. What do you turn to for comfort when you are troubled or worried?

When I'm stressed, I don't eat. Neither does Lou. I usually veg out in front of the TV or online, or talk with Lou if I'm really upset. But I don't get stressed very often, thankfully.

5. When was the last time you felt apathetic? What was it about?

I'm beginning to feel apathetic about blogging. But I think that's just a winter slump!

6. I just read that Google bought Pyra Labs ( Although Blogging was going "mainstream" before this, it most certainly will now have greater exposure, and one assumes, bring us even more Bloggers. Is this a good thing?

What worries me more is AOL and blogging. I could care less about Google buying Pyra, since I don't use them anymore.

7. What did you do with all your freetime before you blogged?*

Read. Watched TV. Basically most of the same stuff I do now.

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.08

1. Has anyone ever told you that you needed to lose weight or change something about yourself physically? Who told you and what impact did it have on your life? Your perception of yourself?

No, I've always been very thin. People told me when I was younger that I should GAIN weight, but not often.

I decided I needed to lose weight when I had gone up 10 lbs. a year for three years in a row (yearly doctor's appointments let yo notice these things).

2. Do enjoy the snow and cold weather?

3. Visualize the perfect winter evening. Are you alone or with someone? How does the evening start? How does it end, and everything in-between.

A walk in the snow, time for snowball fights, snow angels, snowmen building. Then back to the house, curl up in front of the roaring fireplace with hot cocoa (with little marshmellows!) to get warm, and snuggle with Lou and maybe a good book. Maybe something both of us can read together.

4. I've noticed that people I work with, even no more than 6 feet away, would rather e-mail me a message than turn around and speak to me. Same goes for voice mail, I find I get more calls when I am away than when I am available to speak to someone. So many things that could be said face-to-face are now accomplished electronically. Do you think that technology has had allowed relationships and human interaction to become less personal? Is this a good thing?

Yes. And not always. But hey, I'll prefer to use email or IM than call someone on the phone, so who am I to speak?

5. One thing I've always wanted to learn is how to juggle. I'm pretty good with my hands, so I am sure I could do it. Yet, I've never made the commitment to sit down and learn how. Is there anything you've been meaning to learn, that you can learn, but haven't? (or maybe you have?)

I can juggle, but only light scarves. Don't have the hand-eye coordination down to do anything heavier, anything that doesn't take time to fall.

I want to learn how to play the piano. I have the best hands for it, or so I've been told. But we never had one at home, which would have made practicing between lessons rather hard.

6. On the other side of the coin, there is photography. As much as I'd like to, I will never be as great at it as others. And I am OK with that, still I wish I had the gifts that others have. What skills or talents have you wished that you possessed that you most likely never will? Are you content with that?

There's a ton of things that I'd love to be able to do (like take a really good picture, or write something that is worthy of being published). I deal. I don't like it, but I deal.

7. "AudioBlogs" are a twist on text blogs, where the blogger posts audio files instead of writing their entries. Not far behind the curve are VideoBlogs. While I've tinkered with Audio posts before, I think it excludes too many people and personally, I feel the written word has a deeper impact. What do you think of the concept of "AudioBlogs?" Would you like to hear the voice of your favorite bloggers occasionally? Would you rather listen to or read your favorite Blogs?

Nah, I'd rather read. I don't mind audio, but if I listened to the blogs at work, it'd be competing with NPR on the radio and iTunes. And at home it'd compete with the TV. Besides, I like to read.

March 5, 2003

Monday Mission 3.09

1. Are there any television commercials on these days that are among your favorites? What is your favorite television commercial from your childhood?

I like a lot of commercials, but with ReplayTV I now skip them more often than not (save when watching live TV)! That said, having just browsed your post on commercials, I do like the Saturn ad with the cars looking for people. Saw that the other night and while I didn't laugh, I thought it was such a neat idea.

If any come to mind, I'll add them in later.

2. Sometimes we see ourselves as different than we actually are. For example, I like to think I am a pretty outgoing person, but in reality, I would be perfectly happy if I were left alone. How about you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Would others agree with you?

I used to be an introvert. People who know me know would highly doubt that, but it's true. The early Julia introvert was someone who wouldn't talk to other people, was shy, and hid from the world. Beginning-to-not-be-introvert Julia could be alone and have absolutely no problem with it.

I think two things contributed to this change. Doing drama (and maybe choir) in high school, and going online. I met people in person I had only known online way back when the internet was still considered safe. I drove to New Jersey to meet a bunch of online folks, then did it again the next weekend. Finally, a month or so after that, I had a gathering at my house. We did the "mini-cons" for a number of years after that, until we all just drifted apart and got busy with our lives.

Going off to college in Virginia when I lived in Rhode Island also helped, I think.

I think others would agree that I am an extrovert. Maybe not an in-your-face extrovert, always needing to be the center of attention, but I am more outgoing.

3. What kind of a worker are you? Do you like a job where you have a daily routine that you can count on every day? Or do you prefer to be in an environment where there is constant change and you never know what to expect from one day to the next?

I prefer constant change. If I did the exact same thing every day, I think I'd get terribly bored. That said, I do a lot of similar things each day, but it's never predictable.

4. I've found that when I go out for a business lunch or any type of meeting where you have to speak, a salad makes the best meal choice. It isn't sloppy and makes it easy to pause for conversation. I would think the same would be true for first dates. When you've gone out on first dates, what sort of decisions would go into your choice of dinner? Price? Ease of conversation? The "messiness" factor?

I've never really gone on a lot of first (or any) dates, so I really have no idea how to respond to this.

But I think I would like to eat in a way that would allow me to chat with my companion, but also offer a variety of food. Fire & Ice would be a great place for a first date, I think. Save that it can get really loud in there and make it more difficult to hear the other person.

5. "It's grouper" "Two Dollars!" "By choice, man!" The Donger need food!" are just a few of the movie quotes that I can recite off the top of my head. These (and oh so many others) come up in the most unusual and inappropriate situations. Usually no one but me "gets it." Doesn't matter, I still have a good laugh. What are some of your all-time favorite movie quotes?

Movie only? Well, you have to realize I'm a gamer, and hang with gamers, so...

"Game over man, game over!"

"Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead."

"'I dwell in darkness without you' and it WENT AWAY!?"

"I'm here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum."

"I want my two dollars!"

"Gimme some sugar, baby."

"This is my BOOMSTICK!"

(stopping here, otherwise the rest of the quotes will be all from Army of Darkness)

You know that thing that happens, when you try to remember something that you do all the time, and specifically because you're trying to remember it, you can't remember anything? Yah, that's happening to me now. And it's taking too long to search through the imdb for quotes that I say.

6. What if it happened. All of creation is gone. Wiped out. And then come to find out that that there is no reincarnation, no chance to live life over again, no second chance. Turned out, there really was a God and Heaven and Hell. How would that make you feel? Do you want to go to Heaven?

I'd be surprised, and I'd love to go to Heaven, thank you. One please.

7. Should everyone be allowed into Heaven? Or should there be criteria? If you were making up the guest list for Heaven, how would you choose who gets in?

See, now you're making assumptions based on there being a heaven. I think everyone should have the chance to be allowed into heaven. There should be criteria, but it shouldn't be a sweeping judgement. Everyone gets judged individually, with their whole life taken into consideration. I could say something like, "Anyone who killed another person should be banned from entering heaven," but that would leave out many of the police and soldiers and such.

It's all about the individual.

March 11, 2003

Monday Mission 3.10

1. What is the most boring project you have ever had to do?

I worked as a temp on a job where we were taking hospital records off of cards and entering them into a computer database. It wasn't really records, more like doctor's and patient's names, I think.

That was really boring. I liked it at the time, though. It allowed my mind to wander and be free, yet I stayed on task.

2. If you could be anyone or anything you wish, who or what would you want to be? Why?

I'd want to be me, but I want to have enough money to do what I want without working. So I want to be rich. Why? You have to ask?

3. What is one thing you refuse to ever put in your mouth?

Coffee. Yuck, ick, ptooey!

4.If you could film a documentary about yourself and have yourself followed for 1 day, what would that day look like? And why?

Boring, boring, boring. Get up, go to work, sit at desk all day, with occasional wanderings about to fix various things. Home, probably a gaming session, TV watching, or bed.

5. What is the longest distance you have ever traveled to meet someone for the first time (blind date, blogger meet-up, etc). Was it worth the trip?

Oh geez...that would be Miami, for MiamiCon. Early in the days of the Gamers Forum (or late in the days, before it split into multiple forums), they had yearly conventions. I went to MiamiCon to meet up with people. Met a boyfriend there as well. He's getting married this weekend, and Lou and I are heading to the wedding.

Was it worth it? Yes, it was.

6. What do people usually assume about you that isn't true?

I have no idea. I don't know what people assume about me.

Umm...that I'm nice? I'm really rather bitchy, actually. I put on a good front most of the time. Poor Lou's the only one to see the nasty me, most of the time.

7. What are you craving for lunch today?

White Cheddar Popcorn!!!

March 18, 2003

Monday Mission 3.11

1. Do you have any plans for "Spring Break" this year?

Nope. Haven't done that since I worked directly in a school and was forced to take a week off during the break. Or at least, given good cause to do so.

2. Did you ever have any wild Spring Break experiences? C'mon, tell me the stories!

Nope. The closest thing I could say was that I was in Spain for one Spring Break, while working at St. Andrew's School. Big school trip. Stayed an extra week with four seniors and the Spanish teacher. We had fun. But nothing really wild. The disco with the swimming pool in it in Torremolinos was cool, even if I didn't go swimming.

3. What is your most memorable vacation of your youth?

Probably all the car trips we took. I know that's not one, but it all blurs together in my mind. We drove from Rhode Island to St. Louis to visit relatives. It was fun, actually.

4. What was the best vacation you've ever had as an adult?

Best? Argh. Umm...probably the trip I made just before I left St. Andrew's - we did England, Ireland, and Wales, with an extension in Wales (was supposed to be Scotland, and the trip changed but the name of the trip stayed the same. Alas.). We had about 10 or so 16 year olds and the other two groups that were bunched with us left, so on the extension to Connemara and Galway we had the bus to ourselves. Tons of fun. Lou threw out his back trying to kiss the Blarney Stone, so I'm not sure that he'd pick this one. And this was before we were involved, too.

5. Now, what is that "Dream Vacation" that you have always wanted to take if you had the time & money?

I'd love to take an Alaskan Cruise. But higher on the list than that are visits to: Greece, Egypt, and Australia/New Zealand. I'd also love to see Scotland, since we missed that on the above trip. If I had the money, I'd just tour the world for a year.

6. Have you ever take, or had the urge to take, a "blog vacation?" That is, just taking some time off from blogging?

I do, when I go on trips. I'm playing catch-up now with the memes and such, but I don't post while I'm gone. But I haven't stayed at home and consciously not posted.

7. You know how you get that creepy "danger" vibe you sometimes get from people you don't know? Has that ever turned out to be right? Or have you ever had a bad feeling about someone or a situation and not listened to that "little voice?"

Hmm...probably. But nothing is coming to mind right now.

March 25, 2003

Monday Mission 3.12

1. Since we've covered the standard "where do you go when you die" question, let's get a little deeper. When you do die, would you like to be able to watch your funeral?

Yes, but only if the family/friends do it the way I want them to, which is a big party. I'd love to watch them from on-high (or from down-below) and see them sharing memories of me.

2. Catholics must have the longest funeral services ever. I think there is a lot to be said for the traditions that they keep, but it was just so depressing. I'd like my funeral to be much more upbeat, like those I've seen in New Orleans. What type of funeral would you plan for yourself?

Well, first off, all my organs are to be donated, those that can be used. So after all that, I'd like to be cremated. Then have the ashes put into the ground where a birch tree is planted.

Now, the party can take place at any time. I don't want a ceremony, where everyone comes and gathers solemnly as my ashes are put into the ground. So have it outside, maybe even well after I've passed, near the tree where I've been planted. Everyone bring a dish or beverage, and music and talking and people laughing and crying.

That sounds good to me.

3. As a child, when I was angry sometimes I would wish that a parent or teacher would die. Thank goodness wishes like those are never granted. I think it probably takes the loss of someone important before you learn the value of life. When did you first realize that life was so fragile?

Well, I lost grandparents early on, but probably the loss of my father in the summer between my junior and senior year of high school drove it home for me.

4. When we said our final respects to Grandma H. today, I though about her impact on the world. No, she didn't cure cancer or make sweeping changes to society. But she did leave a legacy of four sons and a daughter, who in turn have children and grandchildren. And maybe that was her purpose, to launch future generations that will accomplish great things. Some of us are here to make a huge splash in the pond of life, others are here to direct the ripples in the water. Of the people you've known personally who have passed away, what sort of legacy, impact, mark or achievement did they leave behind?

My father had 7 children. I have 9 nieces and nephews. That's a pretty big legacy.

My father also worked on the Apollo missions for IBM, subcontracted through NASA.

I couldn't really speak of others' achievements.

5. One thing that struck me at the funeral, was that there were so many men were dressed in casual clothes. I was brought up to believe that men should always wear a suit to a funeral, as a show of respect. Maybe these men were never taught that. Maybe they just don't own suits. Maybe that I am just old fashioned and not hip to the times. Do you think there is an "appropriate" way to dress for attending a funeral? Or is it even important?

Depends on what the person who died wanted. NOT on what the family left behind wants, and I SO can't express that enough. I think it's appropriate to dress respectfully, though.

Casual for me, please, for those who attend.

6. Grandma H. was far enough along in life to have been able to plan ahead for her funeral, even down to the tiny details such as song selections. It was nice to finally attend a funeral where they didn't play "Amazing Grace!" My choices would be "Ode to Joy" and "I'll Fly Away." What are some of the more memorable songs you've heard played at funerals?

I haven't been to many where songs were played, or at least not that I recall.

7. I've been craving some home-made pickles for years now. Not just any, but the kind my dear Great Grandmother made. It's been over 20 years since she died, but I can still remember just how her dill pickles taste. No one in the family has even attempted to make them since. Today at the funeral I overheard someone wishing that they had asked Grandma H. for her home-made noodle recipe but now it was too late. Do you have any favorite foods that only one relative made, and the recipe died with them?

No, thankfully. Though I understand there will be lots of screaming if the recipe for the coffee-toffee bars gets lost.

March 31, 2003

Monday Mission 3.XX

1. How old will you be on your next birthday?


2. One of the presents I was given for my birthday was a "George Foreman Grill." I've always joked about them, so it was kind of a joke gift. But it turns out, it is a really neat little grill. Then it hit me, this is a gadget, except it is for the kitchen. Then I thought about it and realized that "gadgets" aren't just techno-toys, gadgets are everywhere. What is your favorite gadget?

My iPod, followed closely by my Swiss Army Knife and my Palm IIIc.

3. Tell me about someone that you lost touch with several years ago. Would you like to get back in touch with them again? What caused the separation? Has enough time passed? Would you still get along?

I'd like to get back in touch with some online friends I've lost touch with. We just stopped moving in the same circles, and got busy. I don't think we'd not get along, but we might have to have a time of adjustment, to see if we got along again.

4. I've not met many online friends in real-life (I.R.L.), but I've always assumed we'd get along great if we met. But then again, if we would since my online personality (brash, outgoing) seems so different from how I see my RL offline version (introverted). Is there a difference between your online personality and your real-life version? Or are you pretty much the same person either way?

I'm pretty much the same in person as I am online. I've been online for so long, and have met folks that I'd only known online, that there really is no difference for me.

5. Being the quiet type, I have often felt like the online world has given me a greater chance to meet people I'd never meet IRL. In fact, I would bet that I would have never met any of you IRL if we had been in the same bookstore or coffee shop. So in that sense, I think the Internet has helped inter-personal communication for many people. Can you think of any ways that the Internet hinders person-to-person communication? What could we do to change things?

Nuances can be left out of internet communication. Smileys only go so far.

There's not a lot we can do, except ask for clarification first before going off on a rant or a flame.

6. Last night, about 1AM I was overcome with this amazing sense of inner peace. I hadn't prayed, or done anything spiritual, yet, I felt like life was truly good and things could only get better. It seemed like I was given a mental "nudge" as if to say, "You're doing great kid, stay with it and everything will keep getting better." When was the last time you felt truly happy, or had that sense of perfect inner-peace? What does it take to get that feeling back when you need it?

I don't know...maybe driving at the Cape last month, when Lou and I were doing our usual trip out to Provincetown.

I don't tend to "bliss out" often.

7. There are times when I just want to tell someone off. I don't usually, since I have to work with them. Sometimes it is a family member and that would be even worse on down the road if I cut loose. If you could just verbally let loose on someone and be able to say anything you want, without repercussions, who would you say it to and what would you say?

Sorry, not going there.

April 7, 2003

Monday Mission 3.14

1. Would you rather impress or influence others? Why? Which do you tend to do more than the other?

Influence. I'm not overly concerned with appearances, or at least I try not to be. I'd rather have had an influence (positive, I hope!) on someone, which would be longer lasting, than to impress them, which may not last beyond the immediate meeting.

Plus, I've got that whole evil influence thing going on...

2. Are you able to admit your weaknesses to others? How do you handle your weaknesses? Can you accept them and see them as a strength? (Do you strive to overcome them? etc.)

No, I have difficulty with that. I don't like to see myself as less than perfect, even though I know I am not. I also can (tend to) overreact, when I'm criticized. I have tried to change myself for the better. I hope some of it has actually worked...

3. How do you react when you are bossed around, treated as inferior or taken advantage of?

Not well. I was the one who told Lou, long ago, that he was being taken advantage of by his friends. I have a pretty good radar for that happening, and avoid it at all costs.

4. Do you live your life to meet your own needs, or do you live to meet the needs of others? Why?

Own needs. Definitely, own needs. Well, let me clarify. Own needs and that of my husband. When I answered "own," I really meant the both of us.

5. This is your Mission on Mondays, but what is your mission in life?

To live well and happily.

6. Can you focus on your goals and achieve them, or are you sidetracked by minor distractions along the way?

Yes, and yes. Depends on the goal and how much I want to achieve it. I can be distracted very easily. If the goal is something I don't really want to do, then I have my avoidance behavior and I do everything BUT the thing I need to do.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Sometimes I want to do the task, but I still avoid it. But at least I know and can recognize this behavior!

7. When was the last time you cried? What were you feeling at that moment (anger, sadness, etc.)?

Oh geez, I very nearly cried Saturday while we were at the movies! And it wasn't even the movie that did it to me, but a trailer before it. I forget what it was now, but I got all teary.

Then I was reading this story on Saturday evening and I got all teary from that, too. Hormones affecting me right now, I think.

But a really good cry, more than just teary? When I rewatched Farscape's series finale while transferring it to tape. D'Argo's scream got me going again.

All sadness. I don't tend to cry from anger. I can cry from laughing too much, though, and nearly did that this weekend, too!

Damn hormones.

And before anyone asks, no, I'm not pregnant!

April 14, 2003

Monday Mission 3.15

1. When I was a kid, I used to always get Strep Throat. I seemed to get it every year. Are there any illnesses that you seem more susceptible to than others?

Not more susceptible, no. I do get colds every now and then. I have one now, alas. I'm hoping it doesn't develop into something more, my boss is on vacation until next Wednesday!

2. A recent poll stated that "Michael" and "Ashley" are the number one baby names in New York. (However, in Oklahoma it seems like there are two or three girls named "Madison" everywhere you go). What are your favorite boy and girl names? What names do you think are trendy or overused? If you have children, would you give them the same name if you had another chance?

See, I get to name my RPG characters, so I get to use names I like a lot. And then have to make sure that any children I might have don't have a bad connotation associated with them, whether it be one of mine or a fellow player's character.

That said, I don't have a favorite name, male or female. I do think that Britney (in whatever spelling) is trendy, along with all those 80's names (Tiffany is another example) and overused. I think it's tragic that Justin has become very trendy and overused, too. Blasted pop stars!

3. Any current songs on the radio (or elsewhere) that you think are pure crap? Why don't you like it?

I don't like some of the country songs that are "pro-war." Darryl Worley did a good song ("I Miss My Friend"), then the next few that have been out Lou and I aren't pleased with. "Have You Forgotten?" and "Family Tree" are the two in particular that we don't like.

4. I used to play the trumpet in High School. I was never very good and always seemed to be last chair. I tried to play it again last week and it was a pretty sad sight. Can you (now or in your youth) play any musical instruments? Do you still play?

As I said in the most recent Friday Five, I played clarinet in fifth grade, but nothing else. I can sight-read a little, and I know where the notes are on a piano.

I also sang. The voice is an instrument.

5. What is the most recent self-improvement program (fitness, weight loss, learning something new) that you began? Did you stick with it? Why or why not?

I do Weight Watchers. I've stuck with it for over three (four?) years now. I've been lax since late last year, but I've managed to stay only a few pounds over goal.

6. How would you look in a Hooters uniform?
- provided by Hootress

Like shit.

7. Have you ever had a dream where you interacted with a celebrity (sex or otherwise)? What happened?
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I'm sure I did, but I don't recall it. I don't tend to remember my dreams after a few days.

April 22, 2003

Monday Mission 3.16

1. Now that the weather (in America, that is) is getting nice and warm, what have you been looking forward to doing the most?

Taking walks with Lou. And maybe a walk on the beach before beach weather hits.

2. On Easter, I had to run around all day visiting family. It turned what was supposed to be a special day and turned me into one big stress-ball. Do you enjoy spending time with your family (parents, siblings, etc.) or do you prefer to see them now and then?

I like the occasional visit. I couldn't deal with everyone on a daily basis. There's just too many of them!

3. Did your parents play along with the whole "Easter Bunny" legend? Did you eventually figure it out or did someone tell you? How did that make you feel?

We did the Easter Bunny thing, but it wasn't as much of a secret as Santa Claus, I don't think. So I don't recall any crushing blows when I found out there wasn't a real bunny or anything.

4. This isn't necessarily a religious question (although it certainly can be if you'd like), but what does "Easter" mean to you personally?

Alas, to me it means chocolate and too much food. Like most holidays. Just not religious.

5. When I was a kid, we didn't have plastic Easter Eggs (except for those that came with Mom's L'eggs pantyhose), so we always hid real eggs. One Easter I remember I threw away a broken egg in my bedroom trash can and it took me weeks before I realized why my room smelled like something died in there. Do you have any funny or memorable Easter stories?

None that I recall.

6. I currently watch way, way too many TV shows. In fact, I feel some relief that some are being cancelled or are ending because I just can't give any of them up. Is there anything you do too much of and just can't stop?

Heh. Yes. (looks at LJ friends page in background.) I can stop any time I want. Really. Really really. *refreshes and then windowshades window* Would I lie?

7. Long ago, I took a leadership seminar. At one point the leader gave his philosphy on life: the three things that matter most in life are "your family, your religion and your job, and what they mean to you." Would you agree? What are the three things that matter most in life?

I would agree for some people that's important. Not me. For me, it's my husband, my family, and our health.

NP: No More Words from the album "Love Life" by Berlin

May 1, 2003

Monday Mission 3.17

1. Postmodernism (a popular philosophy of the current day) indicates that there are as many "truths" as there are people; nothing is absolute (however, by its very nature, even the word 'Postmodernism" resists definition). For yourself, what truths are absolute? Are there any absolute truths in the Universe?

I took extra days to think about this one, and I still have no idea what to reply. So I'm skipping this one.

2. Do you believe that you are still "teachable?"

Yes. Very much yes.

3. To do something well, in most situations, requires study and practice. What's the most recent thing that you have done well as a result of study and practice.

I wish I could say my writing, but I have been so lagging on that lately. So I'm going to have to say working with computers in general. Software, hardware, all things. I've worked with CSS, I've used Photoshop, I've installed OSX.

4. If you had the time/money, what do you want to lean how to do more than anything?

Fly a plane.

5. Those around us may often try to intervene, but ultimately each individual is responsible for the choices they make in life. Tell me about a recent situation where you had a decision to make, and those around you tried to influence or direct you. Were they successful? Was that "help" welcomed?

Well, we bought a car a few weeks ago! But that wasn't really my decision. It was a dual-decision, but Lou was primary on it. I can't think of another one right now. Geez, I'm really sucking at this MM this week.

6. Things are much easier to accept when they are given by invitation rather than being forced upon us. When was the last time you rejected something because it was forced on you? How did it happen? Did you hold a grudge about it? Was it ever resolved?

Can't think of a time. Not that it hasn't happened, because I know it has. But nothing is coming to mind.

And yes, I hold grudges. For quite a long time, actually.

7. Are you the sort of person who questions everything, or are you able to accept things without someone providing you tangible proof?

Depends on the person and the situation. Some people I will accept things freely, others cause me to question. But in general, I'm more of a questioner than not.

May 8, 2003

Monday Mission 3.18

1. Are there any confrontations you have been avoiding that you know you will eventually have to deal with? What's that all about?

Not particularly now, no. There was the time when I was going to run into my sister-in-law after she'd told my brother-in-law that she didn't want to be married to him anymore. I wasn't sure how I was going to react. It turned out that I was politely friendly, but we didn't see each other much (thankfully!), and I won't have to see her again, if I can help it!

2. When was the last time you surprised yourself by being more brave than you ever thought you could be?

I can't really recall a time. Not recently, anyway. I'm not called on to be brave often.

3. You know that sickly feeling you get when are speeding and out of the corner of your eye you realize you just passed a hidden police car? It is that "deer-caught-in-the-headlights" feeling, where you are so busted there is no way out. When was the last time you were in a situation like that?

Heh. At work, I was bitching to my boss about a co-worker, and he sort of walked in on it. I had finished, but he might have heard. She helped me out of the situation by throwing it wide open (which freaked me out, honestly), but it was probably for the best.

4. One of the things I've had to do recently, is clean out my attic. I have an amazing amount of things I've collected over the years, and I am almost embarrassed that I still have so much of it. I realized that I may as well sell it, since it does me no good in the attic, and when I die, my family will probably sell it for a dollar a pound at a garage sale anyway. May as well enjoy the money now. Do you have any things stored away that you just can't get rid of but will probably of no sentimental value to anyone once you are gone? Why do we hang on to that stuff? Do you think you could sell or auction it off?

Hells yes. I'm sentimental. But most of my stuff is junk. I have very little of value, except to me.

5. I've become the resident Handler at the house. Got bugs? Call me! Flies, ants, spiders, I'm your man. Vomit? Dog Poo? Toilet overflow? Yep, I get it all clean. Not much bothers me in that area, and I am glad really to be someone you can rely on. But the one thing that does make me squirm are injuries. Stitches, incisions, bloody puss-laden bandages, heavily scabbed areas, all that just about does me in. What are some of the things you have a strong stomach for, and what are some of the things that can turn your stomach?

I'm pretty good about most "gross" things. A lot depends on the mood I'm in, and the purpose. I don't squick easily. I once cleaned a co-worker's wound because it creeped her out, and she couldn't do it herself. It was neat - a little hole in her arm, covered in gauze. I wanted to look at it more.

6. I am at the point where I am going to have to make some tough decisions about the future of this blog. I think this sort of moment comes to all bloggers at some point. For me, I am not very good at managing my obsessions (read as: things I enjoy passionately). Eventually they get too much focus and something that once was good begins to impact my life in negative ways. Something's got to give. Have you ever been involved in an experience that started out as something good and enjoyable but eventually became destructive and bad for your health (mentally or physically)?

Yes. Back when I was a SysOp on RPGames, I burned out. Not really the same thing as destructive, but it became bad for my mental health, for me to continue. I finally quit.

I also obsess a bit about some fandoms. Harry Potter, starting last year at about this time, and now I'm in the middle of a full-fledged X-Men passion. Not destructive yet, but I've seen others get that way. I'm pretty good about avoiding that end of things.

I'm also a bit obsessive about being online. :)

7. Do you believe in evolution or creationism or something else?

Evolution. Too much of a scientist at heart.

May 13, 2003

Monday Mission 3.19

1. Who are your favorite cartoon characters?

Depends on the cartoon. Right now, GIR is a HUGE favorite, from Invader Zim. He's just so wacky. "To make room for the cupcake!"

Then there are the classic Warner Brothers - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn.

Never much of a big Disney fan, though.

2. Have you yet reached the point where you feel like you are from a different generation than today's youth?

Oh, hell yes, alas. The music, the clothes. I feel so old.

3. What was the first Music Video that really impressed you? What made it so amazing?

I have no idea. We had Previews (some kind of pre-cable system, I think it may have been satellite of some kind) back before MTV, because we didn't have cable. Roger & Roger had a video show, and that's where I saw stuff like Mental as Anything ("Brain Brain") and Oingo Boingo ("Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me"), so I'm sure one of those scarred me for life, when it came to videos. Then again, I was a HUGE Duran Duran fan. I rented a videotape of all their early releases regularly.

I do admit to watching Thriller when it was released. That was really something for its time.

4. Name a song and an era that comes to mind when you hear the word "Retro."

Oh, the 50s and all their harmonizing girl and boy bands.

5. How has your life been affected by HIV or AIDS?

It's not been terribly impacted, for good or bad.

6. Yesterday in the USA, we celebrated "Mothers Day," a day where we honor the mothers in our lives. If you were on a "special day" nominating committee, who or what would you recommend that we create a day in honor of?

The Exploration of Space. Moon Day. Oh yeah.

7. Last week, we have several Tornadoes tore through many neighborhoods, destroying homes and devastating the lives of the residents. How would you feel if you lost every possession you owned? Or would it matter? How would you go on with your life?

I would feel devastated. But I've lost some things that were important to me before (kept in purses that were stolen), so I would be able to move on beyond it. It would be worse if someone close to me lost their life. Or if something happened to my cats.

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