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PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.05

1. Do you remember the first LP, 45, CD or CD single that you bought? Recreate the scene for me.

Sorry, I have no clue.

2. What was the last CD or song that you actually paid money for?

Umm...my husband buys CDs more than I do. I listen to the ones he buys. Hrm.

For me, I bought the Final Fantasy X soundtrack. For him, I bought "Music for Elevators," Tony Head's CD. For both of us, I bought the "Once More, With Feeling" episode soundtrack.

3. It is my personal opinion that "Munchos" and "Funions" are the most perfect snack food ever. What do you think is the best snack food ever?

Cheetos. Crunchy Cheetos. NOT the Puffed, or the paws, or whatever. Crunchy Cheetos.

4. Comedian George Carlin once pointed we consider the things we like to keep around us to be our "stuff," whereas other people's stuff is just junk to us (ok, he used more colorful language, but you get the idea). What "stuff" do you have that someone else might just throw away if they were cleaning out your house?

Bwahahahahahahaha! Where do I begin?

First off, my movie ticket stub collection. I have a bunch in various coat pockets. But I also have a ton in on top of my dresser.

Various junk here and there, too. But I think the ticket stubs would be the first to go.

5. Do you think it is wrong for people to rush to e-Bay and start selling Space Shuttle Columbia collectibles?

YES. Hell yes. They should be brought up on charges.

6. Does it bother you when President Bush speaks about God and invokes scripture quotations from the Bible during his speeches?

YES. Hell yes. He should be reminded of the separation of church and state. Every day.

7. I have a friend who think's she's being photographed in public restrooms. What paranoid delusion do you have?*

Umm...none, that I know of. Or that I recall at the moment.


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