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PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.40

1. I just got back from a family reunion. It was ok, but I find those gatherings a little boring. Does your family ever have any reunions or annual get-togethers? Do you enjoy them?

Holiday meals, and the occasional visit of my brother and his family who live in Kansas City, KS. I'm one of seven kids, so with spouses and children we don't need a lot of non-immediate-family people to make any gathering large. I enjoy them in limited doses. We tend to be very loud when we get together, and that drives Lou crazy. He can only take the volume level so much before he needs to flee.

2. A gal I work with told me that when her husband's drivers license comes up for renewal, she swipes it. She says he won't ever pose for pictures and that's the only way she can get a photo of him. Is that not creepy? Are you a picture person? Do you like taking photos, and having yours taken?

I like taking photos, and I don't mind mine being taken, most of the time.

3. Time for show and tell: post a recent photo of yourself!

Hmm...ah, my recent haircut/dye post has a picture of me. Not before I hit lifetime. I should get a new picture of me one of these days.

4. I have a cousin I always knew as Jay. As he got into college, he began to go by Greg. Turns out is name was Greg, Junior. Jay was short for Junior! Can't blame him for changing it. Did you ever have a nick-name growing up? How did it come about? Did you ever give anyone a nickname that stuck?

I am called Jules and Ju (pronounced Joo) by family members. I don't like being called Julie, and will tell people that my name is Julia when they call me that.

I had a nickname of "stork" by mean boys when I was a freshman in high school, because I was so tall and thin. I took the name and made it my nickname for our bowling league, but it's not something I use regularly.

And many of my online friends know me as Dazz or Dazzler, from my Compuserve days. I still respond to being called Dazz, though I don't go by it anymore.

5. Since I don't have cable, a friend promised to send me a few episodes of "Trading Spaces," the show where folks redecorate someone else's home (and I'm still waaaaiiiting on that tape). But that got me to thinking about how I'd change my own house if I were able. And the room I'd do first would be the bathroom. If you could design the bathroom of your dreams, what would it be like? Spare no expense!

Oooh, interesting! Huge wall of dark tile (probably red) and shower heads on it. Huge jacuzzi/tub. Nice amount of counterspace. Typical toilet and sink. Lots of light, but not direct...bank of those frosted glass cubes or something. (looks at tiny little bathroom in current apartment) Oh, and a fan and a heater! Probably a towel heater too.

6. I've been trying to catch up on the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in re-runs, though I've been told to buy the DVDs. But I think I'd rather borrow them if I could. But there are a few television shows I'd like to own on DVD (like "The Flash" and "Max Headroom"). What shows (if any) do you own in a video collection? What TV shows would you like to see collected on DVD or video?

What do we have? The first two seasons of Buffy on DVD. I have a whole collection of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman taped off the air. I also have almost all of first season MST3k, and all of 2nd. Those will never leave the house, nor be taped over. I also have a lot of Buffy on tape and some of Angel. I religiously taped Angel until it started to suck, then it got really good so I started taping it again.

I've love to see collected one of my favorite shows ever: Friday the 13th, the Series. I loved that show. Well, up until the last season, where they de-aged Ryan and tried to get Mickey a new love interest in the annoying Johnny. Who cares if Mickey and Ryan were cousins! They had great chemistry.

I've also love to see The Flash and Max Headroom on DVD. B5 is coming out soon. Lou probably has some collections of TV shows around, too.

DS9 will eventually be out, and I will get that. I really enjoyed that when I watched it, but I missed some of the best episodes (the last few seasons) and would love to watch them when I can.

7. I recently watched "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang" again, first time since I was little. It held up pretty well, unlike some movies that are better in your memory than they are when you see them again (like "E.T." good movie, but for me, better as a memory). Do you have any favorite movies from your childhood? Do you think you would still enjoy them if you watched them today?

I don't recall too many movies from then that I adored. Star Wars was a big one, and I prefer the non-edited one to the original. But anything younger than that? While we had a VCR early (it had a wired remote!), there wasn't a lot of movies that we rented/bought, and I don't recall the theater much. I do recall seeing the Herbie: The Love Bug movies at the local drive-in. And that's where I saw ET, so I think that's part of the reason why ET has never held a big place in my heart.

BONUS: Don't you know you're sleeping in a spotlight?

I hate the Romantics. Bad memories from visiting a college prior to attending one.


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