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January 14, 2002

She wants to make sure you're okay, stupid!

Lou's home sick today. Said he has spent about 20 minutes awake, in increments, today when he called for me to bring him home some Sprite and N'ice.

Turns out Artemis wouldn't let him cover up his face. She's done this before. Any time Lou accidentally or purposefully pulled the blankets up over his face, she came over and reached out her paw and patted his face, or his head, or his hand. Basically making a nuisance of herself until he uncovered his face, then she's okay.

Annoying? Maybe. Cute as all hell? Sure. She wants to make sure her human is alive and well and BREATHING.

Deal with it, sick boy.

January 16, 2002

Do not want to go through Mines of Moria, as suspect Balrog still angry about bad date we went on back in Second Age.

Cassandra Claire has written very amusing "secret diaries" of the Fellowship of the Ring characters.

Be warned, they're slashy, though very funny. Don't take them seriously, and start at the bottom to get all the references.

Spotted on Dave's blog, though Cassandra's Harry Potter fanfic is a recent favorite of mine. I'm still not done with Draco Sinister, though I'm going slowly and savoring it, because I know that she's not done with the follow-up, Draco Veritas, yet.

January 25, 2002

How many googles does a googlewhack whack?

UnBlinking: Googlewhacking: The Search for The One. Courtesy of ***Dave. I'm annoyed, I can't find anything, but Grant finds a bunch right away, or at least ones that are only listed on word lists.

January 26, 2002

"Hope he tries something."

Cassie has new entries in her Very Secret LotR diaries. Merry's made me laugh hysterically out loud, and Gimli's (which I read a few days ago) had me from the Grr. Argh.

February 13, 2002

"...but after the last two experiments, I've begun to acquire a taste for asphalt. "

This is just too funny for words. Read the whole thing. Go on. You know you want to.

Courtesy of the Daily Illuminator

February 15, 2002

"Not even a Banana Republic."

Cassie did it again. This is also another favorite bit:

Repeat to self: ìAloof, unavailable elf princess. Aloof, unavailable elf princess.î

March 8, 2002

Oooh baby oooh baby oooh baby

The Purple Rose of Romance

Laura Resnick does a hysterical editorial on the difference between Sex and Romance.

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot to add...

Courtesy of Anne.

March 12, 2002

Everybody limbo!

Amazing photos of a tugboat doing the limbo.

Courtesy of Ian.

March 23, 2002

Chasing the Rabbits

Peter goes to Boot Camp and Peter goes again.

Very amusing stories about a geek to takes Seal PT training in New York City for two weeks, then decides he likes pain enough to do it again.

I've spent most of this evening reading his posts to Lou while he plays FFX. We've both laughed out loud at various parts of his tale.

Courtesy of Slashdot.

March 25, 2002

Secret Diaries Make Me Type Wrong

My Very Secret MacOSX Diary

This was posted on Slashdot while I was on vacation, and I only found via a MacSlash comment and reading that person's weblog.

Howver, have now gotten rid of stupid QTPro Upgrade notices. Go Andrew!

March 26, 2002

"Cannot help but roll my eye over this"

Sauron's diary. It may be the last one she writes until The Two Towers comes out. Suspect she is burning out, other duties being neglected.

But still....

Go Cassie!

Oh dear...

You know you've been playing/watching too much FFX when...

In the Thunder Plains, you run about and try to dodge lightning by hitting the X key before the bolt strikes. You can tell when the bolt is going to strike because the whole screen flashes white for a split second. In order to get one of the items needed to fully release the power of Lulu's legendary weapon, you need to dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolts.

Lou spent some time in the Plains tonight, trying to get Kimahri's legendary weapon, and got 10 consecutive dodges, without really trying. But when he started to try, he didn't do much better.

It's raining outside. There has been occasional lightning.

I looked at him after one of the flashes outside. He looked back at me, and grinned.

But I don't think he hit the X button.

March 28, 2002

Reminds me of South Park

This is just one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

Courtesy of Ian.

March 29, 2002

Sluggy Freelibs Again!

Once again, Sluggy has set up a few comics so that you can create your own!

Here is my first and second attempts.

You can find them here and here. Create your own!

And if you don't read Sluggy, you should! Just don't start with the current stuff. Pete is taking a month's vacation. Go back to the beginning and start there. Or buy the dead tree versions from Plan 9 or Amazon.

April 1, 2002

Hook, line, and sinker...ALMOST

Apple's new iTiVo device.

Look at that high-tech shine! Look at how simple and easy to use, just like Macs!

Look at the date!

Courtesy of TidBITS.

They've corrupted the uncorruptible! Is now N*!!

Courtesy of Ian.

Distributed cooing initiative

Google Technology. Wonderful article explaining just how Google is so quick and accurate.

All these slooflirpa articles are hysterical. I especially love Think Geek's take on it, especially this one.

I'll try not to post any more. Unless they're REALLY good.

April 3, 2002

But what about elephants?

How to pack a hippo and how not to move a gorilla.

The amusing note about moving Pet Rocks above the gorillas is great. Remember, the latter is completely under the "pets" category!

April 11, 2002

What all the Fashionable Evil-Doers are Reading Today

So You've Decided to be Evil

Favorite bits? The Spammer Career for Evil-Doers. The Religious Right as Henchmen. The maps for the Underground Secret Headquarters of Doom.

Courtesy of Ian, who hasn't blogged about it but IM'd me the link yesterday.

April 16, 2002

Now I've seen it all

United States Patent: 6,368,227, in which the "inventor" swings from a tree branch or other like equipment, not front and back, but side to side.

The user may even choose to produce a Tarzan-type yell while swinging in the manner described, which more accurately replicates swinging on vines in a dense jungle forest. Actual jungle forestry is not required.

Not since this patent have I seen such idiocy from the patent office.

Courtesy, again, of Slashdot.

April 22, 2002

You're a Loonie

This is why many people think that Christians are loonies.

Show us AIDS evolving into a cat -- which is essentially the Evolutionistic position of common ancestry for all lifeforms -- and then you'll have something worth noting.

They really lose it here, though:

Given the now obvious anti-Christian and cultish nature of Apple Computers, is it any wonder that they have decided to base their newest operating system on Darwinism?

I do not want to be misconstrued here...I am not saying that Christians are loonies. I'm saying that it's articles like this that can make others think Christians have no idea what they're talking about.

UPDATE 9:25 a.m.: This may be a parody site. But sometimes, these loonies sound like parodies. I'd appreciate anyone who could confirm whether or not it's just another Landover Baptist site.

Courtesy of MacSlash.

April 28, 2002

See Our Breasts!

Sequential Tart's ode to breasts.

Courtesy of the Daily Illuminator.

May 1, 2002

I have no response to that

I want to know why I'm being recommended to buy this book with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

There's only three copies left. Should I buy one? Both? Decisions, decisions...

Courtesy of Bookslut.

May 2, 2002

Damn, I'm Evil

As we prepare for Attack of the Clones, I thought I'd give myself a refresher of the first film, courtesy of Rod Hilton's The Editing Room.

If you haven't read it already, please do.

Note, there's lots of swearing, not for kiddies (heh, like they don't say such frelling things themselves...)

I don't like all of his treatments, but I do love this one.

June 4, 2002

Ooh, how does it work?

Music Industry Unveils Piracy-Proof Format

"We can state with absolute certainty that no computer in the world can access the data on this disc," said spokesman Brett Campbell. "We are also confident that no-one is going to be able to produce pirate copies in this format without going to a heck of a lot of trouble. This is without doubt the best anti-piracy invention the music industry has ever seen."
What will they think of next? Tape cartridges with eight tracks of songs?

Courtesy of the Daily Illuminator.

June 18, 2002

Busy Busy

We've had a number of server issues at work, which has led to my decline in blogging lately. Expect another day or so of slowness, especially as I'll be up visiting the husband in New Hampshire tomorrow.

But for your amusement, I give you today's most amusing spam:

Dear Sir,
They obviously don't know who they're talking to.
Our group of companies which mainly covers international trade (projects) and has more than 20 years history.
And? And? I'm annoyingly anal, and I hate incomplete sentences.
If you are interested to import the products made in China products or projects, kindly contact our EXPORT DEPT. We will let you our offers and details information after received your e-mail.
They'll let me what? And what projects? Middle school science projects? What? Give me more details, man!
If you have some products or projects which suitable for China markets, kindly contact our IMPORT DEPT. or send your catalogues & quotations to our office directly.
Now this is much better, but verbs are useful. They show action. Still don't know what sort of projects, though...
If this e-mail not suitable for you, kindly delete this e-mail immed. or you can inform us your e-mail address under the subject "MOVING", we will delete your e-mail address from our mail list immed.
Okay, why abbreviate "immediately?" You've spelled out everything else in this letter. And verbs are good. IS. It's a verb. Prepositions are good, too. OF. Use it.
Waiting for your early reply.
And what about my tardy reply?

Okay, I know, English is probably not this spammer's native language, and I'm being annoying. But I have to go configure a Win2k server in a few minutes, and this is the most fun I'll probably have all day.

June 21, 2002

How Not to do Laundry

Palm Tree Undies In Zombie Town

What an amusing way to start a morning. Surely got my blood pumping...because of the attempts to hold laughter in so as not to scare my office mates.

June 23, 2002

Fashion Plate Mail

Wonderfully funny commentary on Avalanche Press' Cover Women.

Favorite line? Well, more a word: Boobhilda.

July 24, 2002

Detect T-Shirt

I gotta get one of these before GenCon (though Lou says, "No Shirts...Till GenCon!" with apologies to the Beastie Boys).

Close up of the actual graphic.

August 5, 2002

Put your LEGO to work!

Andy Builds his Computer

Courtesy of The Daily Illuminator.

August 20, 2002

Who will give me $100 on Drapes in Round 3?

Cat Boxing!

My favorite has to be the Draper vs. Gracie bout that's in.mpg format. Damn, that Drapes is tough!

August 21, 2002

Oh. My. God.

Nimoy Does Bilbo.

I...I...don't think there ARE words to describe this.

[Edited to add: I knew that he'd done the song...I'd heard it. But I'd never seen the video before.]

September 4, 2002

With sound and ... and ...

I told myself I wasn't going to blog this. But alas, here it is...

Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom

Kids can now "fly" a Nimbus 2000 broomstick just like the members of their favorite Quidditch team. A replica of the broom Harry uses in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the Nimbus 2000 features a grooved stick and handle for easy riding. Enhancing the excitement are the vibrating effects and magical swooping and whooshing sounds the broom makes when on.

Be sure to read the reviews section.

September 10, 2002

Very Secret Secret

Put down the drink! Don't blame me if stuff shoots our your nose when reading this entry!

From Cassandra Claire's other Livejournal...

(Cassie is trying to get into the CoS premiere...)

Editor: Isn't your beat television anyway?

Me: Technically, perhaps. Now about the Harry Potter premiere...

Editor: Speaking of LOTR, have you ever read these Very Secret Diaries things?

Me: Never heard of them.

More here.

September 23, 2002

Do you have a flag??

For those of you with an appreciation for the wonder that is Eddie Izzard, I give you Bloke in a Dress - Quotes.

And thanks to Anne, I know that Dress to Kill is coming out on DVD at the end of November. Woo!

October 3, 2002

Fun with Cats

Why Cats Paint and Dancing with Cats.

I have no words.

Courtesy of, whom I also lay blame for the previous entry, which I forgot to note in it.

October 10, 2002

Hand Puppet Theater

LotR:FotR Hand Puppet Theater, and not to be out done, we also have Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Hand Puppet Theater.

Tres amusing. I know, they're not really hand puppets, but you get the point...

Edited to add: Oooh, and more movies! Just go here for the list.

October 17, 2002

Skeletons Dancing!

A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen

Flash required.

Courtesy of my dmadvice list on yahoogroups.

November 18, 2002

We also like Clean Underwear

So, I was browsing my blog list, and noted that Wil Wheaton is recommending the SE of LotR:FotR. I click on it, just to see the cost. $25.99, not bad.

Then I scroll down the page. Now, just undeneath the "Customers who bought this DVD also bought:" section, I really pay attention to the next section.

"Customers who wear clothes also shop for:"

I had noted that Amazon was selling clothes before. I've seen this section, with its link to Clean Underwear. But I'd never read the header for the section.

I do assume that nudists may also buy from Amazon (the Internet is great for those who live clothing-free/clothing-optional), but I'd just never seen them so obviously excluded by Amazon before.

And hey, maybe nudists BUY clothes for their friends and relatives from Amazon's affiliated stores. This could be false promotion here. Amazon needs to tread carefully, it does.

[for those who may doubt me, I now provide a modicum of proof.]

November 26, 2002

Aragorn was sooo based on Madmartigan!

50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks

6. Speaking of Orcs...

The Orcs were obviously stolen from PC game maker Blizzard and its Warcraft series. Too bad Blizzard is apparently too scared to sue New Line over it.

8. Gold: The Stretchy Element.

The ring, which is seen to be at least two inches in diameter at the beginning to fit the polish sausage-sized finger of Sauron, suddenly fits Frodo's child-sized finger later. I guess this movie takes place in a world where rings magically change sizes on their own.

30. Homage or theft IV?

The character of the rebellious-but-helpful Ranger was stolen from Val Kilmer in Willow.

He is willing to admit when he's wrong, though. Number 11 was retracted.

Courtesy of ***Dave.

December 19, 2002

...and I'm a scoundrel

Han Solo makes the Switch.

There's even an Ellen Feiss reference. Made me laugh enough to get the blood pumping this morning.

Courtesy of Ginger.

It's How Glyneth is Done

The Advertising Slogan Generator!

Courtesy of ***Dave.

December 20, 2002

"Thank you, Captain Obvious"

Can't afford 3 hours out of your busy schedule to see LotR:TTT? Then just head here for the 10 minute version!

Spoilers don't go unless you want to know...and laugh!

December 23, 2002


VSD, Part Two, Begins

Go Cassie!

December 25, 2002

Diary #2 (VSD)

Theoden gets his turn at a diary!

This is posted just for those who don't have Cassie's LJ already bookmarked. ;)

December 30, 2002

Bloody twink elven archers!

LotR as a bad D&D game!

DM, sitting behind the screen making notes and talking to himself: "Let's see, there are three of the PC's, all almost epic level, plus 50 level 3-5 fighters, plus 500 level 0 warriors and commoners. That's the equivalent of, hmmm, a 27th level party, I guess. They are fighting 10,000 1st level orc fighters, plus some leader types, with siege weapons and explosives. I guess that is an encounter level of, let's see, 576!!!! Oh crap! This system is so broken! They can't all die here! I already bought the next module!

DM (to players): 1000 eleven bowmen show up to help you defend the fortress.

Courtesy of Ginger.

January 14, 2003

Do you know how the ox first came to be?

Bad FOTR Captions in a bad bootlegged copy.

Be warned, do not follow the links if you have anything in your mouth! Will not be responsible for spattered monitors or non-functional computer equipment due to spillage!

January 27, 2003

"too long i wanted my sister..."

And more bad "engrish" captions found here, including...

"how will he take me he is still big for it"

"What business did a man and a wolf had ridden a mark"

"we are not oaks we are hobiks"

"Gandolf foogray that was my name"

No body should have pretty the child"

"That's solomon milon dish"

"cannot eat better not sleep" (cats/clowns might get me!)

"no i have to do sam"

And more! These are just some gems from the 80 minutes!

March 2, 2003

Attack of the Blimp!

Beware, the blimp! It comes!

Courtesy of Tim.

Still the Prettiest!

Legolas' TTT VSD is up!

Bumped into Gandalf who is all sparkly white now. Asked him, "Who do you have to blow to get last bottle of bleach in Middle Earth anyway?" Gandalf said, "The Balrog." So not worth it.


March 6, 2003

Not your typical hobbit - The Hobbit: Or, There and Back Again

(since WalMart found the error and has removed the page, here is a snapshot I took while it was still up.)

From the description:

On the Battersea Reach of the Thames, a mixed bag of eccentrics live in houseboats. Belonging to neither land nor sea, they belong to one another. There is Maurice, a homosexual prostitute; Richard, a buttoned-up ex-navy man; but most of all there's Nenna, the struggling mother of two wild little girls. How each of their lives complicates the others is the stuff of this perfect little novel.

I think someone hit a tab instead of a return. I hope.

March 18, 2003

Okay, I lied. New VSDs!

I bring you The VSD of George W. Bush and The VSD of Hans Blix.

Not by Cassie, but a fan/friend of hers.

March 19, 2003

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards

Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974

The comments on each card make the site. And don't forget to read the FAQ!

[Edited to say, May not be Work Safe. Your friends may come by and wonder at what you are sniggering. Be Warned.

Trackback turned on as well.]

March 20, 2003

VSD of Rumsfeld

...can be found here.

I really should do things in more than one category. I just wish I could do it from bookmarklets or Kung-Log. *sighs*

March 21, 2003

Say hello to Optimus Prime

National guardman changed his name to a toy

At least he didn't watch Beast Wars. Think of the razzing he'd get for being called Optimus Primal.

March 24, 2003

VSD of Tony Blair

The Very Secret Diary of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (and yes, that is his full name)

I was a bit behind on this because of the move. Cygnus is working on at least three more.

March 25, 2003

VSD of Osama

Osama's turn

Fandom things abound near the end, though. Tres amusing, if you get the jokes.

A font of useless inflammation

This is so me.

From the rss feed of Calvin&Hobbes.

If Superheroes Taught Math

Jack, this is for you.


Derivative Man: Evil function, your end has come! I will calculate the slope of a tangent line drawn anywhere on your entire evil body!

Function Man: Ha ha ha! Not a chance, Derivative Boy! What you don't know is that I am a function of many variables!!

Derivative Man: No!

Function Man: Yes!

Derivative Man: This is a job for ... Partial Derivative Man!!

March 26, 2003

Operation Destroy the Daisy

Operation Thrusting Sunset is my top favorite so far.

Courtesy of Tim.

March 31, 2003

Chirac's Eleven

The VSD of Chirac is now up and available for your perusal.

April 4, 2003

Cat Larva

Review: Juvenile felis catus

While the text is hysterical, I must insist that you follow a few of the links off the page as well.

And please, please remember their words of advice:

Remember: A pottery kitten is for life, not just for Christmas.

April 8, 2003

Dogs in Elk

Dogs in Elk

I saw this originally posted on someone's live journal as text, and then a commentor posted to it about this site, complete with pictures of a pumpkin sculpture, in tribute.

So I had to link to this one. It sorts out the original poster and the comments better anyway. Plus, it has validity testing links!

And it all starts with this wonderful quote:

Okay - I know how to take meat away from a dog. How do I take a dog away from meat? This is not, unfortunately, a joke.

May 3, 2003

If you've ever gotten directions from MapQuest

Then you should appreciate this from Quest Maps.

Much shorter route. Without all that messy Moria crap.

May 13, 2003

Still giggling

Happy Fun Pundit: Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek

He compares it to Firefly, in one of them. Poor TNG.

Courtesy of WWDN.

May 23, 2003

Woof Woof.

Attention Dog Owners

Courtesy of Boing Boing.

June 12, 2003

Keeping up with the teens...

The Infinite Slang Teen Dictionary

n. an old-school term for drug paraphernalia.
"Officer, check out the Julia!"

adj. unable to purchase chart music.
"Careful, homie, she's glyneth."

n. slang for a particular chain of fast-food burger restaurants.
"Sally, are you coming down to sfad's?"

I found the ***Dave, Anadandy, and Doyce entries also quite amusing.

July 10, 2003

Credit Card Signatures

Or, just how far will someone take a prank and not get caught? Find Out!

Personally, I'm waiting for Zeus to show up and blast his ass with a lightning bolt.

July 15, 2003

Once More, with Harry

Once More, With Feeling, done as a parody of Harry Potter. Please bring a sense of humor!

July 22, 2003

3rd Edition not powerful enough for you?

3rd Edition Add On

Posted to my DM Advice mailing list. I can't wait for their take on 3.5!

August 5, 2003

Monkey. MONKEY!!

Ever had anyone tell you that a monkey could do your job? Well, if you're a programmer, maybe it can.

Courtesy of Ginger.

August 15, 2003

Keeping a good distance

Jack, let's make sure we don't get too close to the minkes on the whale watch tomorrow, okay?

Stinky, stinky whales!

Courtesy of ***Dave.

August 30, 2003

Time Traveller Conversation

Remember that guy who spammed the net looking for spare parts for his Dimensional Warp Generator?

Well, Time travel (DWG) :: Dave is claiming the time traveller's reward

But alas, I don't think it's the same Dave Hill I know.

September 10, 2003

Stewie for Governor!

Sometimes, I wish I did live in California.

Stewie: Why am I running for governor? What business is it of yours? I tell you why I'm running for governor. I want to see tax dollars in California spent the way they are meant to be spent: On a weather machine, with which I can blackmail the world into making me absolute ruler. Does that answer your question, you filthy, wicked drag-your-tail drunkard?
That quote is at the end of the interview with Seth MacFarlane.

And it looks like they're doing a direct-to-DVD release as well! Whoo!

EDIT: Another interview here from Maxim Online, complete with sound (via Flash, and a bit distorted) bites, including quotes on other candidates, and poopy Pampers.

September 18, 2003

d20 meets Python

Ah, forums, you occasionally have a few gems. Not just the first post, scroll down for the Cheese Shop and Inquisition sketches. I've only hit the first page so far, and there's 5.

Though I must admit, so far, I like this seen in a .sig the best...and no, it has nothing to do with Python. or d20...

"Dear Mr Elrond.

We appreciate the fact that we had to spend the entire Third Age walking through Moria for whatever it is we're doing with the ring. But we think you're crazy for wanting to know who we think we are. You see us how you want to see us: in the simplest terms, the most convenient defintions. But what we found out today is that every single one of us is an elf, a dwarf, a ranger, a wizard and a hobbit.

Sincerely yours,
The Fellowship of the Ring."

Courtesy of Grant, who is home today with his hurricane-frightened daughter

October 4, 2003

Can't get they-ya from hee-ya

PBS's classic 'Our Town' brings culture to Grovah's Connahs

The article is written in a Maine accent.

We take life slow here in Grovah's Connahs. The wood's all stockpiled, the storm windows are in place. Winter's a-comin', I reckon. You can fill the chill.

Sundays after chuhch, we watch the Patriots and then have dinner before settlin' down before the television. The missus and I, we still like that Mastapiece Thee-yay-ta on Channel 2.

It amused me, at least. But maybe it works better if you read it aloud.

October 6, 2003

Alien Invasion!

I'm beginning to think I need an Eddie Izzard category...

Greenpeace in the UK has done a video ad, featuring Jim Broadbent, Eddie Izzard, and Joe McFadden. Pretty amusing, and available in download and streaming formats.

November 11, 2003

"In short, Martha, thou art stressed to the max."

The Parable of Jesus, Mary, and Martha Stewart Living.

And please do pay attention to the copyright notice on the bottom of the entry.

November 17, 2003

We need to get into shape!

Jack, Anne, should we start training??

November 21, 2003

Quotable Teacher

Linguistics, Dancing, and a Few Good Books: Quotes from CS141

A teacher who likes to collect quotes finds his students turn the tables on him, and write down all the funny stuff he's said during the year so far.

It sounds like it's a fun class, with a good teacher. Jeanne, think your kids could get some good quotes from you? :)

December 14, 2003

VSD of Hussein

The Very Secret Diary of Saddam Hussein

December 18, 2003

Once More, With Hobbits!

A Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical Adventure. Not quite complete yet, but getting there!

December 23, 2003

Beige? The 80's called, they want their computer back.

Mac eye for the Windows Guy.

I like how Carson has the belt-buckle Apple logo. *laughs*

January 16, 2004

"Now bring me KFC"

ReturnOfTheKing Hand Puppet Theater.

If you haven't seen the other Hand Puppet Theater productions, please take time out of your busy schedule and do so. They are really very funny!

January 19, 2004

The Lord of the Rings: The RPG

Want to know how LotR would work if it really had been an RPG? Look no further than this!!

January 28, 2004

"The movie wouldn't have got far without the cast."

'Rings' characters discuss Oscar snub.

Very amusing. I was hoping Sean Astin would get a nod, but not surprised he didn't. It truly was an ensemble cast, which always makes the Oscars get funky.

February 3, 2004

Don't leave stuff on old computers

A woman at work returned an ancient Mac Classic II today. She'd had it at home, ostensibly for "work from home," but now has a new computer, so doesn't need it.

It's really a good idea, if you have these sorts of situations, that you remove any and all documents from the computer before you return it. Otherwise, people might see that it wasn't just work you were doing.

::starts reading what appears to be 101 pages in MacWrite of someone's historical novel::

March 2, 2004

tPotC Blooper Reel

Jesus: Wait a second. [puts down cross]
Off Camera: What is it?
Jesus: [wipes right eye] There’s something in my eye.
Simon: Oh my God, it’s a mote.
Off Camera: [laughter]

I'm sure they'll never make it onto the DVD, but I thought them very funny, and that's just the text transcript.

Courtesy of DJ's LJ.

March 11, 2004

NEVER go drink-for-drink with Gary Gygax...

Ask the DM.

Very funny stuff. Don't forget to check out the archives, links are at the bottom of the page.

Courtesy of my boss in IM.

March 24, 2004

Adult Swim

Now I'm certain I should be taping InuYasha on Adult Swim.

At least for the bumps. Because according to what I heard, this was on a recent bump:

"Basically the Tetsiga transforms from a Katana to a Falchion,
that means that its damage increases from 1d10 to 2d8
and its threat range goes to 18-20
if you know what that means
you have a problem"

I've been taping Witch Hunter Robin (it's FINALLY gotten good, but I've missed so many episodes for a variety of reasons, I'm hoping they rerun it after it's done this run), and gotten Lou hooked on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and Sealab: 2021.

And then there is the fact that InuYasha is a half-demon, and the NPC in Lou's ATD game is a half-demon named Yasha. *chuckles*

By the way, the shark would win.

And so would the astronauts.

April 13, 2004

Curt Schilling is a Geek

I already knew that Curt Schilling, the Red Sox new ace pitcher, was a pretty neat guy. I mean, he owns Multi-Man Publishing, which publishes Advanced Squad Leader. And he's doing some really funny Dunkin Donuts commercials. Hearing him practice saying "Wicked Hard" in a New England/Boston accent is quite amusing.

And now, thanks to /., I find that last year he got two home runs scored on him because he killed a former teammate's Everquest character.

I think I'm going to have to fork over the cash to go to a Sox game this year. When Curt's pitching, of course.

April 17, 2004

My cat is watching TV

This morning, Lou went out to get his car inspected and the oil changed. I stayed home, and just before Lou got back, I switched the station from Teen Titans (which had just fininshed) to Baby Animals and their Fuzzy Friends on the local PBS station. It's cute, a great fundraiser for PBS no doubt, and the classical music is soothing.

Lou comes in, and after some chatter and an attempt to find Artemis (successful), he sits down in his chair and pulls out the laptop. I've got my laptop on, and am checking LJ, occasionally looking up at the TV.

And finally, in the last five minutes of the program, my eye catches on Athena. Sitting in front of the TV, her head swiveled up, to look at it.

She's watching the TV. Literally. Watching the baby animals frolick about, turning her head only when they change from one segment to another, and then goes back to watching. And listening.

I tried really hard to contain my laughter. My first instinct is to pop up and grab the digital camera I borrowed from work. But I know that will disturb her, and she'll likely stop watching so intently. I hold in the laughter while pointing her out to Lou, who sees what I see. And eventually, the program ends and I let loose with chuckles that make my eyes water.

Eventually, she gives up since the baby animals aren't coming back, and wanders off.

But now I'm wondering...should I Replay this or find out if it's available on DVD, so I can buy it for my cat??

April 20, 2004

Sort of like Talk like a Pirate day, but ...

without pants. No Pants Day.

May 12, 2004

QE Meets DC

It's a Very Special Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as the Fab Five meet Wally West for the Makeover of Champions!

happyminion: Things Just Keep Getting Better

Only recommended if you've seen at least one episode of Queer Eye. And keep beverages away from you while reading, for the sake of the keyboards/monitors.

June 1, 2004

Best. Global. Epidemic. Ever.

She's done it for Troy, Van Helsing, and others, and made it onto BoingBoing, and now she's doing it for our latest disaster movie.

The Day After Tomorrow in Fifteen Minutes

June 13, 2004

In Memoriam...

I regret to inform you all that I have passed on.

We regret to announce the untimely death of Julia, who on the 3rd of October of this year was meticulously vaporized by the next-door neighbor. This unfortunate incident occurred in a sewer pipe somewhere on Interstate 52. The deceased was reported to have shouted "I should have listened to my horoscope!" just before expiring. Julia is survived by several houseplants. Funeral services will be held the 5th of next month.

From here.

July 2, 2004

PoA Handpuppet Theater

Mrs. Weasley: Ron, don't forget to bring the unexpected villain!

July 14, 2004

Nobody sings in the library...


I just wish I could hear the lyrics a bit better!

"That not small potatoes."

The Onion's guest columnist asks, Why No One Want Make Hulk 2?

Courtesy of Anne in IM.

July 22, 2004

HP and the Nigerian Scammers

A Harry Potter fan has chosen to take on one of the Nigerian scammers, in the guise of Narcissa Malfoy, as that was the address that received the scam spam. It should be interesting to see what develops!

September 14, 2004

Don't mess with the naked fat lady

This really should also be in a category like "Inspiration" as well.

A wonderful post, wherein the authoress deals with "mean" roofers in a way that wins her a large amount of respect from them in the end.

You go, girl!

October 21, 2004

Neal Stephenson Slashdot Interview

It's a smart, and funny, interview with Neal Stephenson. I wasn't going to blog it, but the response on Question 4 is just too priceless to pass up.

November 18, 2004

A little Flash for your day

I'm glad that it seems like this animation's song has finally pushed this one's out of my head.

I like that the animator used bunnies, too.

December 10, 2004

Gaming Geek Sandwich

I want to see the table that creates this sandwich.

December 28, 2004

My name is Julia, and I am an Alton Brown Whore

I'll have to take Lou to these meetings too, I think.

April 29, 2005

Darth Vader has a Blog

Don't forget to read through some of the comments. And while hilarious, there is some insightfulness in the entries.

The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

Via Slashdot.

May 5, 2005

Actually, I will be in work on May 19th

I have decided to not skip a day of work for Revenge of the Sith. While I may see it that day, I've decided that I can wait for the weekend on this one.

But in case you're going to take a day out of school or work, you can go here and get an excuse letter, personalized just for you!

June 8, 2005

A t-shirt for some, a lifestyle for others

Coming soon, to ThinkGeek.

Me, I was thinking about getting someone I know this, but it'd never be worn, due to embarrassment factor.

Well, we'll just have to console ourselves with our current t-shirts.

August 12, 2005

Torturing cats

This website really needs to be called Torturing Cats instead.

I do hope some of those owned by the cats shown have nice deep scratches to go with the humiliation they made those poor kitties suffer.


August 31, 2005

The Commandments of Coyote

Because, you know, Only Asshats Bogart Life.

May 31, 2006

Secret Wars Re-enactment

Like the Civil War Re-enactments but don't know your history all that well? Know your comic history better? Then you too, can Re-enact Marvel's Secret Wars in your local park!

Via Anne in IM.

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