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October 15, 2001

This is Wesley?

I just found out that Wil Wheaton has an account on /., and posts comments often. Even intelligent ones!

How cool is that? His site is slashdotted now, since they're going to be doing an interview with him.

January 26, 2002

Cool tidbits and sundry

Wendi linked to me! She's a hella cool artist who if I won Powerball, I'd give her a ton of money to draw characters for me. And other art.

Sluggy Freelance was mentioned on Neil Gaiman's weblog. Sluggy's latest storyline looks to be an excellent one, allowing Pete to, as he puts it, stretch his narrative-art legs. I was getting worried...for a time there, it wasn't as funny or as compelling as it used to be. Maybe it was build-up to this, maybe it was minor burnout, maybe it was just a change in my humor tastes. But this new storyline is a bit more serious, and is also hella cool.

Plus, he noted in the header of the page my email to him about Sluggy being referenced in a Chicago Tribune online article! Okay, it wasn't actually mentioned in the article, but Sluggy was in the references at the end of the article, but it was still there.

Also, Paula mentioned me in her blog. I hate to tell her that I'm not currently residing in RI, though I work there. However, I am still an Aquidneck Islander at heart, since I grew up in Portsmouth, so that's okay. Hey, if we could find rent as cheap in RI as we have here, with as nice an apartment as we have and it was the same distance from our work and friends, we'd move.

Of course, with Paula linking here, this means that more coworkers might find my blog. Ah well, I'll just have to live with it. If anyone wants to talk to me about what I write in here, they're more than welcome to come by my office and talk to me.

I'm getting impatient for my laptop. I've gotten hooked on using a laptop with borrowing the iBook from work. With Lou playing Fallout Tactics on my desktop, I have to boot him off to check email and such. But I find that a pain, and not something I can bring myself to do often. Maybe it's just I don't like the desktop much anymore, maybe it's just I don't want to ask, maybe it's just me, I dunno.

So if Toshiba hasn't announced anything new by next Friday, I think I'll be calling CompUSA in Nashua, NH, and heading up to get the laptop.

Or, if they don't have them or I don't want the new one, I may go with a Dell or Gateway and pay the expense, since I can get the full version of Office XP when I buy from them, and the cost difference is really only the difference between getting the Toshiba w/o the software, and the Dell with it. But no Firewire. (sigh) I'm weighing whether or not it's worth it.

Worked on a graphical logo for the blog last night, and got one I really liked, but found it looked terribly sucky with the layout of the blog as I have it now. I may move to MovableType and experiment with their templates before deciding on a final version of the logo.

Can you tell I'm bored?

I'm doing the link thing, starting with my weblog, and then going to one of my friend's sites via the link on the side bar, and then following links from there to other blogs, basically click-surfing.

And I'm coming across all these little sick and twisted gems. Like this one on Melly's site. Ian IM'd me a link to her page some weeks back, with a very poignant blog entry about her father and her relationship with him.

Anyway, I love that frelling goldfish commercial. And some of the rhymes are better than others, IMNSHO.

February 1, 2002

Being Wil Wheaton

Wil posted this link, which is just hella cool. The guy pegs exactly why I visit Wil's site every day, why he's in my Favorites bar on IE, and why I have him linked from the side of this blog.

Being Wil Wheaton is just funky cool.

March 7, 2002

Blogs are spreading

I am helping Anne set up MT on her new site, hosted by my provider.

She will also be having multiple blogs, when she gets it up and running.

And she's agreed to do the Letter Game Blog with me! Yippie!

I may not need to help her with MT tomorrow night, she'll have this all set up in a few minutes. Then it's just a matter of playing with the layout/CSS.

April 30, 2002

Changing links

I dropped "MaBarry's Amber Bits" from the blogs. I'm just not that enthused about Amber these days. Good thing I'm winding WEF down to a close, eh?

But I have included "It Slices! It Dices!", Meera's other gaming blog. It has content that I'm currently finding more interesting and relevant to other games.

May 8, 2002

Wil Wheaton Remembers

The Trade

Posts like these are why I check his site multiple times daily.

May 9, 2002

Spidey Blogs!

Spidey has a Web-Blog. Heh.

Courtesy of Doyce.

June 5, 2002

New blog!

I'm a blog-creatin' fiend!

Lisamarie has joined in, and so I have created the Weight Watchers Support blog, wherein we can help each other, and others who may wish to sign up, keep to the track of healthyness.

This brings my blog total here up to 5. One is hidden, it's for Anne and me to do some ATF stuff. The others are all publicly available.

Do I love Movabletype, or what?

And I heard a rumor that a certain friend was going to be joining the blog community, and lo and behold he has! Whoo-hoo! Of course, he's using some other tool to do his blog, but hey, we all started somewhere...

June 18, 2002

NYC Teaching Fellows

This really belogs in both News and in Other Blogs, but we'll stick this in Other Blogs.

In my "blogroll" as many call it (I call it my bookmarks, my sites I check multiple times daily, daily, and every other day or so), there's an entry named "Teacher: Year One." This is going to be the journal of a good friend of mine, named Jeanne Thelwell. Jeanne was a lawyer, then an entrepreneur, then a web designer, amongst other things here and there, before she decided that she wanted to "feed her soul," to put it in her words. She decided to start teaching.

New Faces in Class, and They Hold Chalk [New York Times, free registration required]

While Jeanne's not quoted in the article, it does give a good summary of what the New York City Teaching Fellows are trying to do.

And let's hope she'll share her experiences of first-year teaching with us on her blog, since she has to journal anyway.

September 11, 2002


I did it.

As I wrote in the Weight Watchers Support weblog, I made it the six weigh-ins of not being more than two pounds over goal.

I would still like to lose five more pounds. But I am giving myself until Christmas to do that. I will keep trying, but I won't push myself unless I really have to (which I may).

However, I have done it. It's taken me just over two and a half years, but I'm there. I'm not done...I need to keep on the program, and not let myself go.

But I can do it. I've been doing it.

And now, to support my fellow ladies in getting to their goals, and my lovely husband. Without all of their support, I never would have made it.

October 3, 2002


Well, that's one way to increase your readership. And another way to (possibly) alienate another segment.

Me, I found it amusing, but distracting. Hard to read with all those pictures.

October 25, 2002

This Broken Earth

I have set up a category on my Whitespace blog for my NaNoWriMo 2002 project. I will also be participating in Writing in the Dark v2 for November, and have added that as a side-link.

Now, I must try to sleep. But first, I have to get this cat off my chest. Or she will eat me.

April 6, 2003

Wake Up Moves

Wake Up has moved to its new location, and has converted to Movabletype. Whoo, Michael!

Now, how long before Jenn's blog is set up? :)

April 7, 2003

Diane Duane...

has a weblog.

That is all.

May 25, 2003

Blogroll additions

I added The Spice Must Flow to the blogroll a bit ago, and didn't have time to announce it. So now I am. Jenn is a good friend and a great cook, and I look forward to more recipes!

And the latest addition is The Non-Euclidian Staircase. Jack's finally got his own blog, yay!

June 17, 2003

More on the blogroll

I have added Of Two Minds, where Jenn and Michael talk about books, movies, tv, and all that pop culture stuff I'm neglecting on my blog. *sigh*

August 29, 2003

Make the switch!

I really wish Ian had comments enabled on his blog. That way, I could tell him that this post was a fake.

Come on, Ian! Make the switch to MT!!!

March 12, 2004

New version

Just did the upgrade to MT 2.661, having held off longer than necessary, but also enough to make sure that it was working right with MT-Blacklist. All seems to be well, yay!

And MT seems to be the latest thing in the blogging circles. Go Mena and Ben!

Closing comments

I've decided that I want to close the comments of my Weight Watchers Blog. We're not using it anymore, and I don't want to get rid of it yet.

I just want to stop getting comments, sometimes angry ones, from people who think that we owe them an answer.

But I can't find an easy way to close comments without going to each post and editing it. There are a LOT of posts on that blog. Power Editing mode doesn't have that option.

August 3, 2004

There but for the grace...

I have no experience of my own to share, but I can share the link.

No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.

This post has been all over Livejournal, and even made it onto MetaFilter. She's had some problems with this post, getting some trolls and nasty folk coming by to comment. You can still comment, but it won't show up on her journal, as all comments are now screened.

November 4, 2004


Oh look, Ian's back amongst the blogiverse! And with MT, finally!! Wheee!

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