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New blog!

I'm a blog-creatin' fiend!

Lisamarie has joined in, and so I have created the Weight Watchers Support blog, wherein we can help each other, and others who may wish to sign up, keep to the track of healthyness.

This brings my blog total here up to 5. One is hidden, it's for Anne and me to do some ATF stuff. The others are all publicly available.

Do I love Movabletype, or what?

And I heard a rumor that a certain friend was going to be joining the blog community, and lo and behold he has! Whoo-hoo! Of course, he's using some other tool to do his blog, but hey, we all started somewhere...

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MT Fierce:

Heh. I have too many.

(Five I administrate, four collaborative (soon to be seven), six gaming-related (soon to be seven, maybe eight), two personal (soon to be three) and...um...have I mentioned that I'm unemployed?)

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