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Changing links

I dropped "MaBarry's Amber Bits" from the blogs. I'm just not that enthused about Amber these days. Good thing I'm winding WEF down to a close, eh?

But I have included "It Slices! It Dices!", Meera's other gaming blog. It has content that I'm currently finding more interesting and relevant to other games.

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MT Fierce:

Works for me. [grinning] I wrote a long post on my Amber blog (which I should probably make a permanent link to on the page) about how Amber as a whole was going to take a huge step back in importance to other gaming in my life...so as how I wouldn't feel pressured to write there recently. The "It Slices! It Dices!" was supposed to be a lot more about humour gaming, but I need to find some of my funny.

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