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Bloody twink elven archers!

LotR as a bad D&D game!

DM, sitting behind the screen making notes and talking to himself: "Let's see, there are three of the PC's, all almost epic level, plus 50 level 3-5 fighters, plus 500 level 0 warriors and commoners. That's the equivalent of, hmmm, a 27th level party, I guess. They are fighting 10,000 1st level orc fighters, plus some leader types, with siege weapons and explosives. I guess that is an encounter level of, let's see, 576!!!! Oh crap! This system is so broken! They can't all die here! I already bought the next module!

DM (to players): 1000 eleven bowmen show up to help you defend the fortress.

Courtesy of Ginger.


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Spelling issues aside, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

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