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June 3, 2003

Think you can do Marvel better?

Marvel Enterprises, Inc. - CREATE FOR MARVEL

They've changed their submission guidelines. Interesting.

A box full of entertainment

Nothing can make me feel better like $200 worth of Amazon bits and bobbles.

I have in a neat cardboard box under my desk:

Sorcery and Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer (THE Letters Game novel. Still makes me want to do one. Tried once, didn't quite work out. *sighs*)

Club Dead, by Charlaine Harris (third in her Southern Vampire mystery series. Think Anita Blake without as much sex. Okay, very little sex. And a telepathic heroine)

A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin. This is for Lou, who is reading these. I will read them myself when they're all out. They're just my kind of thing, but I have too much reading to handle now to start another large series.

Tithe: A Modern Fairy Tale, by Holly Black. Will probably give it to Lou first to read, since he can probably read it in an afternoon. Then I'll dive into it myself. When I'm done with Someplace to be Flying.

The Field Guide (Spiderwick Chronicles #1), by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. Will probably pour over this tonight!

Long Hot Summoning, by Tanya Huff. Also, probably throw this at Lou first. Maybe I can get to it by the weekend, maybe next week. Should be a light, quick read.

The Ultimate Toy Box: 3 Disc Collector's Set of Toy Story 1, 2, and a supplemental disc DVDs. Maybe tomorrow night, we'll take this for a spin. If not, at least I can say I got it before Disney pulled it! Anne recommended this over the set with just the two DVDs of the movies. Am glad I listened to her.

Angel - Season 1 DVDs. Doyle, how we miss ye. But Rogue Demon Hunter Wesley! w00t!

Buffy - Season 3 DVDs. The Wish. Dopplegangland. The Zeppo. Earshot. *rubs hands gleefully together*

and of course, finally...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen Edition) DVD. Yes. Am bad fan. Had not bought this yet! But tonight, it goes in the DVD player, if only to watch the deleted scenes!

NP: Homer's Barbershop Quartet (Medley) from the album "Songs In The Key Of Springfield" by The Simpsons

June 4, 2003


It only took four days.

Anne started out wanting to use OS9 on her computer at work, not feeling comfortable with the jump to OSX so soon after starting her new job.

But promises of fewer crashes, cool new programs only out for OSX, and just a plain cooler system, brought her into the fold. In just four days.

I think I'm anticipating moving the rest of the office to X sooner than I thought.

And hey...she's even thinking of getting an iPod!

June 11, 2003

Quick Bits

So, since I haven't been blogging lately, I thought I would open a small BBEdit text document at work, and write down the little things that occur to me to blog, but I don't have enough time to write a whole entry. It worked well.

Until I somehow quit BBEdit without saving the file. *sighs*

Frex, I want this t-shirt. So want this.

We also had our first watermelon of the season on Sunday. Half a melon, split with the Sunday gaming crew. It was very tasty and sweet, and cheap. We'll definitely be getting some more if it stays this way.

I've been told by some folk that all I had here was quizzes and memes. They wanted more. Well, with the way my life is going lately, quizzes and memes are all for which I seem to have time. But I did stop, in an attempt to put up other content. Didn't work, did it? Ah well.

Okay, I think the above is all I had in my BBEdit document. Not in the same sparkling wit manner, but hey, c'est la vie.

Oh, yes...It was a fun but odd experience, to move Anne from the "Friends" group in Fire to the "Co-Workers" group. Like I still can't believe she's really here, working with me, when I see her EVERY DAY.

Odd spam in the webmail interface... Own your Hong Kong Fax Number

I didn't realize I had one, never mind not actually own it!

More later, perhaps. If I can remember to save the frelling thing.

They Read Comics

Would that this were true.

I think they all must have said in some interview somewhere that they read these comics. But what a coup for the comic industry if they could get these, or other, celebrities to promote comics.

Courtesy of Wendi.

June 12, 2003

Order of the Phoenix Cookie

Harry Potter audio cookie! Here! RealAudio MP3, courtesy of Amazon.

For those who don't want to be spoiled, skip this entry. But there is a tiny cute thing that I put in the extended entry. :)

Continue reading "Order of the Phoenix Cookie" »

Special Day(s)...

Happy Birthday Tim!

And Happy Anniversary to my sister and her husband, Janet and John. 21 years! Way to go!

Oh, and probably should have mentioned....my dear mother turned 70 last Saturday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

RSS Feed

Oh, probably should mention, for those of you who get me in RSS...

By request, I've changed the RSS Feed to have the full entry that I post. If this is a problem for other people, please let me know.

And thanks to DJ, I also am mirrored at Livejournal. Don't know if anyone will want to use that or not, but if you do, it'd help him lower his feed allotment.

Oh, hey, Jim, do you still have the originals of Unrak and Calder? I'd love to get them if you do. Email me.

Spammity Spam

I just want to state, for the record, that it is surreal for me to hear that the Red Sox are playing the Cardinals, and we're still in the regular season. It's just .... wrong. At least to this not-really-a-sports-fan.

Okay, I'm going to have to put something else up here to fill out the front page and keep the blog from messing up. Perhaps a meme...

Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. If you knew that millions of faithful followers were going to model their lives after you, would you change anything about how you live it?

*blinks* Millions? Oh frell...

You know, I don't think I'd change much. If they are following ME, then they're following me for a reason. And changing the way I live my life would mean that they wouldn't be following me anymore.

But maybe I'd clean up the apartment more.

2. When you find you don't need something any more, is your impulse to throw it out, give it away, store it somewhere, or sell it?

Store it. I am a packrat. I keep everything.

3. What world record would you most like to set?

Longest healthy life. Such a cheat, I know...

Night of the Comet

I must say...I am shocked. Appalled. Horrified.

Lou IM'd me this morning (he's doing his summer conference this week, but the college is a 10 minute drive, so he's staying at home until he needs to leave) to tell me that Night of the Comet is on TV.

He also adds that we should get that on DVD. I agree. I go to Amazon, to try to find it.


Okay, maybe it's on VHS.


Oooookay, let's go check on IMDb.

And there it is, telling me the awful truth. Night of the Comet is unavailable. In any format.

To quote my husband..."What mad world have we fallen into?"

That's it. I'm going to pull out my movie quote quiz again.

Keeping up with the teens...

The Infinite Slang Teen Dictionary

n. an old-school term for drug paraphernalia.
"Officer, check out the Julia!"

adj. unable to purchase chart music.
"Careful, homie, she's glyneth."

n. slang for a particular chain of fast-food burger restaurants.
"Sally, are you coming down to sfad's?"

I found the ***Dave, Anadandy, and Doyce entries also quite amusing.

June 14, 2003

Snippety Snip

My sister runs a hair salon, and for nearly a year now, Lou and I have been going in every now and then to get our hair cut. I've been going for longer than he has, but once he discovered the pleasure of having someone else wash and brush and blow dry your hair, he was hooked.

Jill (the sister in question) has been mentioning for a while that he could donate some of his hair to Locks of Love, a program to make wigs for children who have long-term medical hair loss. Those of you who have met Lou know that his hair has gotten pretty long in the years I've known him, and the 10-inch minimum needed for donation would still let him pull it back into a braid or tie it out of his face.

So today, Lou decided to do it. She probably could have cut off another five inches easily and still have had it long enough to pull back. Alas, no digital camera was available, but Jill did have her T-Mobile camera phone handy, so we were able to preserve the event.

Before and after shots.

Alas, I am now unable to donate my own hair, as last year I got it highlighted, and will probably get it highlighted again this year. But hey, I can now say my hair is longer than Lou's, 'cause it's TRUE!

June 17, 2003

Chloraseptic Memories

Was going to make this a comment on Dave's post, but decided to put it here while I eat my lunch.

We used Chloraseptic constantly when I was in choir in high school. It went down like water...once you braced yourself for it.

After a while, you got used to it. You wanted it. I even kept a bottle when I was out of high school, but I slowly weaned off the stuff. Haven't touched it in years.

Now, I can't see a bottle without thinking of Mr. Crowley and the "Brisk! It's Brisk!" comments he used to make when we were forced to practice in the unheated auditorium in the middle of a New England winter.

Ah, the good old days...

NP: The Man Comes Around from the album "American IV: The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash

More on the blogroll

I have added Of Two Minds, where Jenn and Michael talk about books, movies, tv, and all that pop culture stuff I'm neglecting on my blog. *sigh*

iPod Question

I have a question for any iPod users out there...

I currently sync my iPod to my Mac at work. It has all my playlists, all my music, just the way I like it.

I've copied a number of files to the hard drive portion of the FW drive. I would like to be able to give these files to my husband, who has a 12" PowerBook. He also has an iPod.

If I plug in my iPod to his Mac, while logged in as him, will it start to sync my iPod to his iTunes playlist? Can I just get it to be a FW drive, and if so, how do I do it? Just plug it in?

I haven't wanted to do that for obvious reasons.

*looks around for a category to put this under, decides on Entertainment*

TwoP talks Trash

Firefly Unaired Eps Reviewed

"I shudder to think that bobble-head dolls still exist 500 years from now."

Me too. Me too.

June 19, 2003

Quelle Surprise

I shouldn't be surprised. Really. I was there through Farscape. I know about Invisible Man. I'm not naive. Really.

The Scifi Channel has taken Roar of its schedule for now, with the last two episodes still unaired. The last two of the five that were never before shown in the US.

I had wondered why the Replay didn't record last night. And a quick search of the guide showed no Roar eps at all.

I can only hope for a DVD release someday. I won't buy nth generation copies off of fans outside the US. Though I did get to read the synopses of the last two eps. And let me tell you, The Cage should have been the season ender. No doubt about it.

Lou says I'm a nut. Are you a nut too?

So, anyone out there going to a midnight sale of the newest Harry Potter book, or am I the only idiot out here in the blogosphere?

Finally found our copy of Goblet of Fire today. Right in the (near) open, too. Must have gone unnoticed because it actually had the dustjacket on it. Won't have time for a full reread, alas, but I will do some skimming.

June 24, 2003

Order of the Phoenix

Man, if there's one thing I hate about this (slightly modified) default layout for MT is that when the entries go, the formatting is all messed up. So, it's back to putting a certain number of entries on the page, so that I can at least keep some of the content there.

So, Jenn asked...

So. Are you now a happy sated idiot?
Is the book good?

A quick reply:

I am a sated idiot.

Yes, the book is good.

More will go into the cut later, when I have a few minutes to write it up.

June 27, 2003


I know it's not good karma to rejoice in death, so I will just simply say that Strom Thurmond has just died at 100.

::does little dance where no one can see::


Okay, no blogging for days, then a spate of blogging!

No real spoilers here, but a teaser poster for RotK that features Aragorn and the Sword-That-Was-Broken (and not hastily re-glued, since it's taken them THREE MOVIES to show it).

December? ::sighs, taps foot impatiently::

EDIT, also, desktop images.

::stares at Aragorn/Viggo while (trying) to work::

June 29, 2003

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Boy, does this game suck!

Okay, it's not really that bad, but it has more bugs than ANY other TR game before it. The other games had small glitches here and there, and some stuff you could exploit, like the corner bug.

This game, so far, has seen Lara float upwards into the side of the Louvre, for no apparent reason that Lou and I could discern. After looking around in/through the wall for a minute or so, she floated back down.

There was also the ledge glitch. In one certain area, you were supposed to jump up from a platform that rose and lowered, catching the ledge when the platform was at its peak, and pull Lara upwards.

We could catch the edge, but we couldn't pull her up. And we also couldn't move her from side to side. She appeared to be actually floating about a foot or two (her perspective) above the ledge she was grabbing onto. Lou finally got a hold of the ledge by standing in a very specific spot and jumping.

Heh. And now, after we've done the whole archeological dig site, and are fleeing the Louvre, the game just totally seized up. Never had that happen with a PS2 game before. Eidos and Core really should have endured the further wrath of fans and waited to put out a less glitchy game. It's not like you can patch a PS2 game to fix bugs.

But we're still playing, and for the most part, still enjoying it. The controls are very different from the past games, and I don't think I will do well when I get a chance to play (I already tried to get us through one very badly setup area, and did not enjoy the new controls). But we usually play with Lou controlling Lara and me looking around for the things he missed, and it works well for us that way.

Edited to add: Oh my god! Kurtis Trent has the best introductory cut scene EVER! I so want him right now. To play him, I mean. Yeah. That's what I meant.

Battery dead

Well, it's been coming for a while now. The power supply on my laptop has pretty much kicked the bucket.

I've found a place online to send it to me (for a price, of course), and I've next-day aired in. I would have had them send it 2nd day or more, but the battery is worn down to nothing due to poor planning on my part, so I really need it, like, NOW.

I'm using Lou's laptop to post this, and may use the desktop some tomorrow night (or his laptop again, if he doesn't take it to the game). But my normal email and 'net access are inaccessible now, and I'll have to rely on work access and webmail in the meantime.

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