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Oh, probably should mention, for those of you who get me in RSS...

By request, I've changed the RSS Feed to have the full entry that I post. If this is a problem for other people, please let me know.

And thanks to DJ, I also am mirrored at Livejournal. Don't know if anyone will want to use that or not, but if you do, it'd help him lower his feed allotment.

Oh, hey, Jim, do you still have the originals of Unrak and Calder? I'd love to get them if you do. Email me.

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As a matter of fact, yes - I do. Tony DiTerlizzi originals, pen and Sharpie, signed, circa 1998. :-) They're yours, provided you email me your current address information, and promise never to sell the originals. They'd be worth a pretty penny, considering that Tony's now an award-winning, bestselling author/illustrator. I bet that art has appreciated better than any of the stocks from the same year.

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