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Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. Someone at your office thinks the calendar you've put up is rude and tasteless, though HR hasn't -- yet -- agreed. Do you take it down? Does it matter what the subject matter is (art, humor, etc.)? Does it matter what you think of the other person?

Heh. I could so see that happening with my current calendar. Well, maybe only a little.

No. It's in my office, they don't need to see it often. It's mine, I keep it up.

2. A person at the office offers to loan you some software CDs for you to install at home. You know this is illegal, and there is a possibility that you could be caught doing it. Do you do it anyway?

Would depend on the CDs. Could I get them off of Limewire myself?

Hrm. I think that answers that question quite well.

3. Do you contribute to a charity? If so, how do you decide how much?

Not regularly, no. I'd give away more money if I had more money, I think. Right now, the biggest charity is me.


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