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Harry Potter ain't just for kids

The Letter Box is a campaign to make sure that JKR and WB understand that the Harry Potter novels aren't just for kids.

I was given the first HP novel some years back by Lou when I was panicking at our friends' house in North Carolina, as on Thanksgiving morning my upper lip swelled to, what seemed to me, to be enormous proportions.

HP helped distract me from my problems, well mostly. But I never bothered to go back and pick up the others for a long time. Just over a year ago, I read some Harry Potter fanfic, and that got me hooked to read the rest of the series.

Of all the people I know, more adults have read the HP stories than children. Most my nieces and nephews rarely read. My bookclub chose the first book as one of their choices last year.

Some of you may think that Ali's overreacting. You're entitled to that opinion.

But me, I'm writing my letter.

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can anyone tell me where i can read hp fifth book on the net??? pls....

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