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A brief hiatus

BTW, remind me never to update MT until a month after it comes out from now on. Do you realize they're up to 2.63 now? *sighs*

Well, after a brief hiatus due to db corruption, then having issues with importing the old files (well, for one blog ONLY), sfad and my other blogs are back up and running using MySQL as the back end. Wheee!

I have two weeks of blogging reads to catch up on, for I didn't even have time to read much whilst I was down. And this weekend, we're off to the Cape with Lou's folks and his brother (sans his wife, since she's now decided she doesn't want to be married to Lou's brother anymore *sigh*), so I will have to find time to catch up on memes and quizzes and entries SOME time.

BTW, do take it to heart. I have no idea if upgrading from 2.51 to 2.6 really corrupted the DB or not, but always export your files before upgrading MT. I only lost one post (and I still have it around here somewhere, I'd saved it as text in BBEdit), but I was *lucky*.


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