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Working Friday Five

1. Where do you currently work?

Providence, RI, for Brown University.

2. How many other jobs have you had and where?

My first non-temp job was at St. Andrew's School, Barrington, RI, where I was the Assistant to the Headmaster/Receptionist. This job morphed and changed into being the Assistant to the Head of Upper School, later to the Assistant to the Director of Education (or something like that), and finally adding Assistant to the Director of Special Services to that. All totalled, about 7+ years at St. A's.

I moved from there onto a brief stint of unemployment (my fault - I told them I was leaving my job to move to where the current boyfriend was going to be moving to for college, then didn't end up following him, as he went to grad school at University of Toronto.

I followed that with a position as Senior Word Processor/Typist for the Office of Higher Education in Rhode Island. That was about a year and a half, maybe two. Too many job scares in that time. I swore I'd never work in a place where I could be "bumped" from my job by another person who'd had more seniority than me, just because their position had been eliminiated (or taken by someone else who's job had been eliminated, hence the term "bumping"). I also swore I'd never work for soft money again (ha!).

Followed that up by moving onto St. George's School, Newport (actually Middletown), RI, as the Assistant to the Director of Development. Did that for af few years, until another job opened up in-house, and I became the "Phone Lady" - aka Voice & Data Support, as they'd installed a hellishly expensive phone system and data network in all the rooms and dorms of the school. That was fun for a while, until my boss left and they started making me do her job, with no more pay. They didn't pay me enough to make those decisions, I tell you.

Oh, and I also added in Webmaster in there, but it really wasn't all that much. I was new and html was fun, but it wasn't like I was a big-time serious webmaster.

I moved from that job, after about two years, into my current one. I've had one job upgrade after starting here. But I'm now the Help Desk Manager (I manage myself, currently)/Systems Adminstrator.

3. What do you like best about your job?

I love my boss. I think if she weren't here I wouldn't last more than a few months.

4. What do you like least about your job?

Dealing with people who blame me when they frell up their computer/network/what-have-you.

5. What is your dream job?



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