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Thumb Twiddling

1. Hanging out with your boss and co-workers, you're made very uncomfortable by some of the sexist humor being bandied about. What do you do?

Give as good as I get, and if I can't think of something offensive to give back, then just nod and walk away.

Problem is, I can't imagine this happening...

2. You are sure a neighbor child is being regularly abused by her parents, such that you worry for her health and life. The police and Child Protective Services are unable or unwilling to intervene. What would you do?

Ask Lou what to do. Talk it over with him. I'm sure he might know some other agencies we could call to get to intervene. Or know who to contact to get in touch with someone in our local police or agency to get them involved.

3. What modern invention would you most miss if it were removed from your life?

Define modern. Toilets and toilet paper are first-most. I could deal without TV or computers (not enjoy it, but deal) as long as I had books.


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