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Thweater Thursday

1. An eccentric millionaire offers to donate a very large sum to a charity of your choosing (other than you) if you'll step, completely naked, out of a car onto a busy city street, walk four blocks through the noontime traffic, and climb back into the car. Knowing that you would be in no physical danger, would you do it?

Yes, I would. It'd have to be a million dollars or more, but I certainly would.

Besides, Lou would be so busy blinding everyone who looked at me that I wouldn't have to worry about anything. :)

2. As a follow-up to the above, how would you rank the following in terms of relative unpleasantness -- (a) a nude stroll in public, (b) being spat upon by a crowd of people, (c) being arrested for shoplifting at a crowded store, (d) begging for money in a public place.

Unpleasantness? For me, I'm assuming?

If so, then it'd have to be b, c, d, and a.

3. Enough unpleasantness. If you could travel back in time to meet anyone in your family's history, who would it be?

Hrm...good question. It would probably have to be my mother's grandfather, on her mother's side. According to family legend, he got his family out of Austria (fleeing the war) and had to kill a soldier to do it. He never entered a church again, since he had killed a man.

I'd love the chance to meet and talk to him about it all.


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