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Old School Friday Five

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
Algebra. It was so much fun, and easy. At least, at the time it was.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
Mr. Weymouth. 8th grade Algebra teacher (of course). I distinctly recall him teaching us a math problem without words at one point. One student had difficulty grasping the concept he was trying to show, so using just the chalkboard and chalk, and his hands following down step to step, he explained it to the whole class and the kid, and the kid got it.

That scene has always stuck with me.

1st Runner Up would have to be Mr. Crowley. Choral teacher throughout high school, and also Speech & Debate teacher in my Senior year. He was a lot of fun, and could teach just about anything and make it enjoyable.

3. What is your favorite memory of school?
Favorite? I don't know that I have one. I do recall fondly walking into the big auditorium in high school for chorus practice, and wearing our coats because it was unheated. Mr. Crowley would always tell us it was "Brisk!" not cold. And lots of warm-ups to get our vocal cords er...warmed up.

I also recall him bringing out "We Need a Little Christmas" in May one year, when rehearsal wasn't going well, and we all needed a break. He just started in on the opening keys, and we all blasted that song into smithereens. Great way to let off steam when things aren't going well.

Damn. I miss chorus.

4. What was your favorite recess game?
I don't recall a favorite one, recess was so long ago. Probably something like jumprope.

5. What did you hate most about school?
Oh, lots of things at the time. One has to be hearing the cries of "Stork" as I passed upperclassmen in the hall (I was tall and very thin my freshman year). Though I took that nickname and made it my own, with a few friends and their embarrassing nicknames.

But I'd have to go with the easiest. Homework. I hated homework.

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Happy blogiversary... (I saw that it's your one-year on blogtree.com). :)

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