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Thursday Thoughts

1. You receive notification of jury duty. Do you go willingly, or do you try and find some way to beg off (or get yourself disqualified)? What if you were told that the case you were being impaneled for might go on for months?
I go. Been there, done that. Even if it was for months and I'd be sequestered.

I served on a jury for two weeks. Criminal case. Defendent fled before we could find him guilty, so we convicted him in absentia. Still don't know if they caught him or not.

2. Would you be willing to give up sex for one year if you knew it would give you a much deeper sense of peace than you have now?
Deeper sense of peace? Hell no.

If my giving up sex for a year made everyone in the world live in peace, then yes.

But just to give me a deeper sense of peace? I'm already pretty much at peace with myself, so I don't need that, thankyouverymuch.

3. What's the most violent television show you watch? What about the most sexually graphic?
Violent? Oh, probably Buffy, which isn't that violent (IMNSHO). Maybe Angel.

Buffy again for sexually graphic. Especially this past season of Buffy, all those Spike and Buffy scenes.

If we got Showtime, the latter would probably resolve to Queer As Folk, which I want to watch, but not enough to pay for it. And I'd have to tape it anyway, as it's on late and not something Lou wants to see at all.

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If I gave up my sense of peace, would I get sex for a year?

Not from me, dude. Ask someone else.

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