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Las Vegas Posts & Switches

I'll be adding a post a day for my Las Vegas trip. So today you should see Day 2 show up some time. I'll also be adding the links into the sidebar for easy perusing of the whole thing without other entries bothering you when I get a bit further along (probably when the first one scrolls off the front page).

We had network problems at the end of the day yesterday at work, and they continued into this morning, though they had appeared fixed. Turns out it looks like our switch has gone, and we need to get a new one. Boh-mair. Fortunately we have a spare - one we used for testing when we were switching how we were connected to Brown - and that has been put into place and is doing fine for now. But we need a new one; we can't keep this one forever.

At least it wasn't last Monday, when all our techheads (me, my boss Kate, and my big boss Martin) were all on vacation. That would have just been shitty.


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