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Las Vegas - Day 2

Sunday, February 17, 2002

The view from our hotel shows the mountains, which explains the what was blocking the view of the city as we were landing. It was dark enough that I couldn't tell if it was clouds or something else. It didn't move, so I didn't think it was clouds, but one could never tell.

Our room looks out onto the Monte Carlo and other attractions, so I took one picture of that, then a few of the mountains in the distance. I want to head out into the countryside around the city, see the natural setting, not just the strip.

We had brunch at the MGM Grand, with their Grand Buffet. Recall that I've never been to Vegas before -- but, DAMN, you have to go through a lot of slot machines to get to the food! The food was excellent, by the way, I'd recommend the Sunday Champagne Brunch to anyone visiting Vegas. Note to visitors: Go with someone in a wheelchair. You get special treatment in seating, like skipping the big long wait line. Lou's aunt Anne has MS, and uses a wheelchair to get around, so we waited a short while to get to the cash registers, then got to go right in. Then Lou and I stayed to gamble a bit with Anne and John (our rides to the Grand), lost $50 but had fun.

Back to the hotel for a nap for me. Lou talked about a swim, but decided to wait. We're going to see Beauty and the Beast at the IMAX at the Luxor - I headed down with Lou and Bobby to get tickets (nice long walk) and we spent some time at the slots in the Luxor. I won twice, but then gambled it all away (only $10 this time) on slots.

We're eating after the movie - a 7:00 show, so dinner will be very late. I hope my stomach can take this.

The movie was good, even though it was very up-close. I prefer a large IMAX theater, and one where you can choose your seat. We had fast food for dinner, which did not sit well in my stomach, and then went to the King Tut museum, which was pretty neat. I bought a small Egyptian cat statue (made in China) for my sister who is watching and feeding our cats for us, and a little Luxor pyramid keychain, that when you push the bottom of it, the crystal on the top lights up. Then it was back to the hotel and SLEEP!


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