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January 30, 2002

Smallville - Shimmers


That is the only way I can describe Michael Rosebaum's portrayal of Lex Luthor on Smallville.

The writing is superb. They have made Lex into a character you want to watch, to see how he slowly slides into the "evil" character from the Superman mythos. Every word he says you can tell is carefully measured for the best impact at that specific moment. He is rarely ever caught off-guard, rarely ever one to second-guess what he has done.

And all the while, he's trying to not be his father, not realizing that he will end up surpassing the man in his depravity.

Michael Rosenbaum's subtle portrayal of the written Lex makes me want to watch each and every move he makes on the screen. Each look he gives, every expression his face makes. Every word that is said. Knowing how this young Lex will turn out in the end just brings me that much more enjoyment of his turn of phrase, each dropped comment, every glance.

The rest of the cast is wonderful, too. But it's Lex, his relationship with Clark, his subtle (and not so subtle) maneuvering of Lana Lang to start thinking of Clark as more than the friend he is, the interactions with Ma and Pa Kent ... that's what keeps me tuning in.

And Rosenbaum has lent his voice talents in other areas. He does the voice of Wally West as the Flash on the new Justice League cartoon. He also did the voice fo Agent West in The Zeta Project. And has done a number of other movies and TV/voice appearances.

Watch this guy. You'll be as amazed as I am, and want to keep watching.

Posted by Julia at 4:20 PM

January 29, 2002

Organizing Content

Okay, it came to me last night. If I am going to actually move my blog over into Movable Type, I really need to practice with it. And not with my writing project, which is still secret and will remain so until I can get MT under control, and proving to have some problems with the templates.

So I don't want to do anything with my main blog yet. Well, what else can I blog? Ah-ha! I have this pop culture section with which I haven't done anything! (proper grammar is important) I can do this, and then try out the categories as well, sort of like what Gamegrene uses.

My other possible solution was to try to create a MT log for my family, a way of keeping us up to date with each other. But then I realized that everyone of my family members would look at me strangely, pat me on the head, and ignore it. Oh, they might try it for a time, but then would quickly forget and go back to using the phone, or maybe IM.

I might be able to get my nieces and nephews to post more often, they're much more computer-enabled than their parents, for the most part. I will Think On It, and maybe run it by a sister or two to get their reaction first.

So anyway, here is the page where I can write about movies, books, TV, whatever is thrilling me right now, etc. Fun fun fun!

Posted by Julia at 2:17 PM