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January 29, 2002

Organizing Content

Okay, it came to me last night. If I am going to actually move my blog over into Movable Type, I really need to practice with it. And not with my writing project, which is still secret and will remain so until I can get MT under control, and proving to have some problems with the templates.

So I don't want to do anything with my main blog yet. Well, what else can I blog? Ah-ha! I have this pop culture section with which I haven't done anything! (proper grammar is important) I can do this, and then try out the categories as well, sort of like what Gamegrene uses.

My other possible solution was to try to create a MT log for my family, a way of keeping us up to date with each other. But then I realized that everyone of my family members would look at me strangely, pat me on the head, and ignore it. Oh, they might try it for a time, but then would quickly forget and go back to using the phone, or maybe IM.

I might be able to get my nieces and nephews to post more often, they're much more computer-enabled than their parents, for the most part. I will Think On It, and maybe run it by a sister or two to get their reaction first.

So anyway, here is the page where I can write about movies, books, TV, whatever is thrilling me right now, etc. Fun fun fun!

Posted by Julia at January 29, 2002 2:17 PM