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April 6, 2002

Farscape - I-Yensch, You-Yensch - 04/05/02

I'm really pissed.

I had a review all written out, and then my 'net connection blorped in the middle of sending, cutting me off. I was unable to retrieve the post, since I'd typed it in the text box.

I'm not writing it up again. Go here and read that review. I agree with everything the poster said.

Rating - 5/10, with the comic relief of D'Argo in the nerve-pain bracelet being the only thing to raise it to a 5.

[grr...still annoyed...]

Posted by Julia at April 6, 2002 8:42 PM


I generally agree this was not one of the series' best (and it makes the whole timing of the mid-season hiatus all the more confusing). That having been said ...

* The intersection between Our Heroes' Important Meeting With Evil Guys and an insurance scam gone wrong is classic Farscape. The everyone-yelling-at-the-same-time bit was great.

* Talyn's going "bad" has been percolating for a while, but it felt very abrupt in the way it came to a head.

* Why the heck did they run the "Farscape Exposed" feature before it? Given that the new episode is closer, count-wise, to the season finale than the season opener. In some ways, it really played up how mediocre this ep was.

* The annoying blue guys weren't nearly as annoying to me as to the reviewer you pointed to. They were even occasionally funny.

On the other hand ... damn, it's good to have Farscape back.

Posted by: *** Dave at April 10, 2002 6:10 PM

Re: Talyn - Yeah, it did seem rushed. They've been leading up to it, then suddenly, brainwipe. Lobotomy. Whatever you want to call it.

I was hoping that Farscape Undressed was going to be updated, but was terribly disappointed. I was at Anne's house, and she's never seen Farscape. It was good for her, but then I had to explain all of Season 3 to her in 2 minutes.

The blue guys sounded like a cross between hyenas, monkeys, and pigs. They could have been good comic relief, but I think they were overdone.

Yes, it was classic Farscape, and maybe looking back on it as a whole of a season, it'll fit better. But as an episode to be waiting AGES for, it just didn't work for me.

But you're right. Damn it's good to have Farscape back!

Posted by: Julia at April 10, 2002 8:29 PM