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April 5, 2002

Open Call Explained

Good question, Meera!

(of course, you have all the good questions...bitca...(gdr))

Style? Reviewers can post in their own style. I'm not looking necessarily to have consistency. In fact, differing views and reviews would be welcome.

As in-depth or as shallow as you like. I know, I'm so wishy-washy, eh?

I'd definitely want to keep spoilerage down to a minimum. Maybe use the same color text as the background so people can highlight to see spoilers if they want to.

I'd love to hear what other people like/don't like. My own tastes in books run to fantasy, some sf, romance. I don't do much else, so if someone wants to review the same kind, that's fine. Or if they want to do non-fiction, general fiction (Oprah's bookclub, anyone? (gag...but that's just me)), feel free.

This blog is entitled "Pop Goes the Culture" simply because it was cute and I liked it. I was going to have section on my website for pop culture things that I wanted to link to, then realized I wanted to do reviews, commentary, things about episodes of my favorite shows that I liked/disliked, and get it out beyond my local friends, to see if others felt that way.

If Brian hadn't abandoned me to go work in some OTHER Brown office, I'd bug him more to post in here. And the other person I'd have love to roped in, Anne, got talked into doing her own MT blog by some idiot, so there went another chance at an author. And Paula has her own mediablog on her site.

Hmm...this deserves a full post, and not a comment. (cutting and pasting...)

So, that's probably not what you wanted to know. You can be as scathing as you want here. Swear. Get really bitchy. Let me (and others, hopefully) know what you REALLY think.

Or be as sweet and treacly as you want (trying to picture Meera that way...not working...especially as I've never met her).

Or somewhere in the middle. That's me, fence-sitter extraordinaire.

Posted by Julia at April 5, 2002 4:30 PM


With that, I'm in. [I was only hesitating because I was asking my sweeties if they wanted to perhaps collaborate with me on it.] I'll start asking names, taking notes, kicking butts, and writing reviews. Erm. Maybe not in that order.

Posted by: MT Fierce at April 6, 2002 6:36 PM