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March 7, 2002

Buffy - As You Were - 02/26/02

Riley's return.

Well, I have to admit up front I was spoiled about this episode. I knew he was coming back, and married. Though I think even if I didn't know, I would have seen it coming.

Plodding episode. An attempt to give Riley and Buffy some closure, and pretty much sucked at it. Riley forgetting to tell Buffy that they needed the demon alive? He did not seem that distracted.

I wanted to like Sam. But I just couldn't warm to her. She was a really neat character, had all the right bits to make her likable. Even had Willow calling her "Bitch" at the end, after making all nice with her. But something was lacking. I don't blame it all on the actress; it was a hard role to step into.

And Spike being "The Doctor." Quelle surprise. Yes, Buffy, you knew what he was all along, he never lied to you, told you any differently.

So she leaves him. You can tell it's final because she calls him William. And we can only hope it stays that way.

Don't get me wrong -- I loved the Spike/Buffy relationship. But she was right in every point she made to him. She was using him, and just because he didn't mind doesn't make it right.

Poor follow-up to the previous week's episode, but it was nice to see Dawn not being the moping, bitchy teen anymore.

Overally, 3/10 for the Riley, 8/10 for the Buffy/Spike bits. Which unfortunately makes it a 5.5/10. I have to round down, so that makes this episode 5/10.

Posted by Julia at March 7, 2002 7:40 PM


Frankly, I think the energy of this episode was important: there's been a little too much angst, and, well, I might be biased. Sam was way too much like one of my favourite PCs. [grinning]

Also, it was important to take Riley out of the spot of being "a bad guy."

Posted by: MT Fierce at March 8, 2002 12:29 PM