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March 7, 2002

Angel - Couplet - 02/18/02

[I am catching up on a flurry of episodes. I am so hooked that I am even taping and not watching Survivor tonight.

I have also decided to pause after each of the THREE Angel episodes I have, so that I can comment on each one in turn, and then watch the next. The main reason for this is I have seen about 20 minutes of the middle of the most recent Angel episode. I need to take each one in turn now, because what I saw was rather shocking.

I also have Buffy from this week, which will be reviewed when I'm done with this.]

So, Angel. Couplet.

I really don't like this Angel loves Cordy thing that they're doing. I am glad that it looks like it's over, after this episode. I never really saw any attraction between the two of them. Definitely none from Cordelia's point of view, and what I we were shown from Angel's seemed forced.

And I think they tried too hard with this episode. Too hard to be funny (mostly just didn't work), too hard to be serious.

Groosalug as Angel was too obvious. Come on guys, after all Angel's been through, he's going to toss it away, or even THINK about tossing it all away, because CORDELIA has the hots for Groo? Thank $DIETY that Wesley was there to talk some sense into him!

The Gunn/Fred subplot was sweet. I wish Wesley had found out that they were "macking" on the job - that needed to be addressed. They can't be doing that, as was of course proved. Very predictable plot, alas.

Nice twist at the end, though. Made me want to watch the next episode right away, which is good, because it follows right after on the tape.

Overall, I'd give it a 6/10 for effort. It seemed a filler episode.

Posted by Julia at March 7, 2002 7:34 PM