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Wow, the front page looks really blank when nothing's filling it up, doesn't it?

I'll have to fix that!

Anyway, like Ginger, I am trying out MarsEdit, though today was the first day I could try it after downloading it yesterday. It found my blog, possibly from Kung-Log settings or something, but it wasn't reading all the categories. A delete and a re-add later, and now it's showing everything.

I do admit that, like her, I found Kung-Log a decent program, while ecto was not as elegant. We'll see if I keep this or whether I just go back to bookmarklets when I'm at work.

I'm also going to have to figure out how to use this for Livejournal. Since Phoenix is unreliable on login, if I can find something that I like that's more reliable than that, I may switch. I've never really liked Xjournal, and I just wish that the maker of the wonderful Clutter program would work again on Journalert, because it was perfect and small and just what I needed.

I've also downloaded the latest beta of NetNewsWire Lite, and am going to give that a try again. I was using the original regularly, then fell out of the habit.

Okay, time to try a post.

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About MarsEdit, I've been told that LJ uses the Blogger API and that the implementation is on hold for some reason. I'm sticking with XJournal for now.

I love MarsEdit so far for Movable Type and TypePad.

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