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PHP Query & Other MT Things

I tried to go to the dynamic build for this site alone, and suddenly none of my blogs were accessible from anywhere. "Didn't have permission," it said.

I think I figured out the issue. My index pages are all index.shtml, because I use server-side includes for some stuff on sidebars and navigation. That was not a type of page listed in the .htaccess file that MT gives you by default. It listed many others, including default.htm and index.htm, but not index.shtml.

Does anyone know if I can just add index.shtml to the .htaccess file, or will that frell up PHP in some way of which I'm unaware?

I'm kind of annoyed that it frelled up ALL my blogs in the process of just trying to do one. That's Not On, SixApart.

And can anyone tell me why my registered comments aren't working? As far as I can tell, I've typed the token into the right place and enabled registration (though not required it). The only thing I can think of is that I haven't put the right URL into the Typekey field on the Typekey website. The wording here:

Enter the addresses (URLs) of your application into the fields to the left of this text.

makes me think that I'm not entering the right URL. Is it the MT installation URL?

Lastly, I've found something odd about rebuilding. The problems I'm having with rebuilding my Category pages are still there, and if I let my browser window stay open for a really, really long time, I eventually get a "save" dialogue box, with it wanting to save mt.cgi locally. I'm assuming it's something at the end of the rebuild.

I know, I should go ask these in MT support fora, and I will. But I thought I'd ask anyone who reads this blog first.

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