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Apologies for feed

I've fixed the RSS feed. My own bad, for using a "non-standard" feed name (sfad.rdf instead of index.rdf), and while I fixed the template properly, I did not update the main index page.

But in playing around with Firefox's "Live Bookmark" feature (it was shown to me yesterday at a SysAdmin meeting at Brown), I realized that it wasn't showing the right feed for subscription and tracked down the solution.

I still wish I could just use the delete key to go back in Firefox for OS X. It's one of the reasons I mentioned for not switching from Camino.

But now I've got an ad-block .css sheet that is blocking images for Camino, at least. I do need to get that extension installed for Firefox here at work.

So how many browsers do I use on a daily basis? In my Dock, I have Camino in the prominent space (right next to the Finder), followed by IE, Netscape 7, Safari, and Firefox. No Opera on Mac yet, but if I need another browser, that'd likely be the one I go to.

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Good Lord -- that must drive you insane.

I use Firefox for everything except those few business aps that require IE. Even that drives me crazy.


It's not too bad. I do use Camino for just about everything. But I have Firefox for those things that don't work on Camino. Netscape was specifically for our forums at work, since the drop-down menus weren't working in Camino, but that's been fixed in 0.8, it appears, so I don't *have* to use that. IE is for anything that IE is good for, like connecting to Outlook Web Access, if I need to, for work things. And Safari is there just 'cause it's Apple's browser, and sometimes when things don't work in Camino, they'll work in Safari (for example, our help desk ticketing software through Brown, does NOT work in Camino at all).

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