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Programming Hell

I want to know whose decision it was to put nearly all the programming I want to watch this year on the same night at the same time. Because, you know, I'll go stab them repeatedly.

It definitely is going to give me an up on getting another ReplayTV box. Because you can do show streaming from multiple places in your house. Whooo!!

"See, hon, we could Replay Smallville and Angel on the living room Replay, and watch them there, and then in the bedroom we can be Replaying Ed and West Wing, and then we can still watch them in the living room, whenever we have the time." (like on the other nights of the week that have sucky programming. But not Sunday. You'll not take my Alias from me!!)

Oh yeah!

Of course, that does mean Jake 2.0 is still out of the loop, having no other TV or cable box on which to record. Okay, that's not true. We do have another TV, on the floor of my closet. but UPN doesn't come in well without cable. Station's too far away.

So it'll be back to VCR tapes in the bedroom for Ed and West Wing, which we'll have to try and schedule a time to watch each week. We fell away from Ed and taped but never ended up watching West Wing, but with Carol and Ed together, Lou has more incentive to watch it now! And West Wing...we'll see how well they do sans Sorkin.

Survivor: Pearl Islands is also on the list, but will likely be VCRd in the bedroom, so that I can take the tape to work and watch it during "Survivor Lunch" on Fridays, since Anne and I will be taking our second "Writing the Romance" course at Brown on Thursdays this fall.

Anyone else out there watching Survivor? Anyone think Rupert is Survivor's own Hagrid? :)

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Or as Glark said on TWoP

"Hey, this year Peter Jackson can win an Academy Award AND Survivor"


Still addicted to Survivor. Utterly adoring Rupert from the moment he first opened his mouth. For once, Kev and I are in complete agreement!

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