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Opera Issues

Opera has stopped fully sending the blog info when I post using it. It stops at telling me it's rebuilding the entry, and goes no further.

So no pings get out, no back to the entry page. And this also is true if I use the bookmarklet.

IE seems to be working fine, though. But it has no tabs!

Off to download the latest Mozilla, and see how that works.

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I have a similar problem on Safari where it sometimes times out. There's supposed to be an enhancer or haxie or something that allows you to reset the timeout for Safari that I need to get.

Meanwhile, I use Camino (fka Chimera) to rebuild the blog on my Mac and Moz on Windows. Camino is much nicer than Moz on the Mac, or at least it was the last time I bothered to mess with Mozilla.

Well, I use Camino exclusively at work, but at home, on the WinXP laptop, I am unable to use it. Mozilla is my only choice if Opera keeps this up.

I will not give up my tabs willingly!

I have no trouble with Moz on my Windows machine. I use 2000 and it's rock-solid. Love it.

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