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Thursday Thumbs

1. You've been given the chance to go back to a point in your life and change a single decision you made; you'll lose everything that happened since then, but you'll get to live in the shiny new parallel timeline that develops. Would you? What would you change? And would you want to keep the memory of this timeline, too?

I'd go back and not get involved with someone - it was a bad idea and I should have stopped it before it started. I would definitely want to keep the memory of this timeline. It's likely a lot of events in my life would change, so I'd want to know about this one.

But all things considered, I don't think I'd change it, if I had the chance.

2. If you could legally sell your vote in the next Presidential election -- hand someone a signed, blank ballot in exchange for money -- would you do it? And what price would you ask?

No, I wouldn't do it. I thought the Nader vote exchange was ... incomprehensible, stupid, and just plain frelled up. A vote is not a commodity. It's intensely personal, and should not be bought or sold.

3. What one object to you own that has the most sentimental value to you?

For all that I'm a packrat, I'm sentimental at the oddest things. I think I'd have to say it'd be the cross with the "wampum" in the middle of it that my father bought for me. I've no idea why he did it - he was on a business trip (he took very few of them) and brought back the cross for me and something else for my sister. I am not particularly religious, nor was he, so it's an odd thing, but it's pretty much the only thing I have that he gave directly to me.


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