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Weekly Wrap-Up #44

1. What makes you feel happy? Why?

My husband's laughter. When something I've been working hard on finally goes right. My cats snuggling next to me when I'm sick.

Why? Because my husband's laughter means he's happy. Because I know that my hard work has finally paid off and I could actually do it. Because I feel loved.

2. What makes you feel sad? Why?

Sad and angry are confusing themselves in my mind. Hrm...

Okay, the space shuttle exploding made me sad. I'm sure other things do too, but like I said, it's getting messed up in my head as I try to write this. Senseless, needless loss of life. Because it is so senseless, so unnecessary.

3. What makes you feel angry? Why?

Intolerance. I find myself getting angry when people can't accept others differences and either move on, or find a common ground.

4. What feelings do you experience most often? What are the situations that generally prompt these feelings?

I've never really stopped to catalogue my emotions. Frustration is one, but that's because I'm in tech support for a living, and when something doesn't work right, it's very frustrating.

5. What feeling have you never experienced? Why would you want to experience this emotion?

I can't think of one off the top of my head. I'm sure there is one I've not experienced, but I can't say what it would be.


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