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Farscape's End

Realized as we sat down to watch the last few eps of Farscape Saturday night, or at least start to, that we had seen the first episode of the We're So Screwed trilogy. So we watched the last two Saturday and the final episode, Bad Timing, last night after our game.

And I must start out with this: *blink* *blink*

They had me laughing. I was spoiled only a little (from some unfortunately un-cut posts on Farscapers LiveJournal), knowing it ended on a cliffhanger with a "To Be Continued" at the end. And when the ReplayTV shows that it's 55 minutes into the show and everything is ending perfectly and happily, you KNOW that it is not going to stay that way.

I think I am glad I was spoiled that little bit. I think the shock would still be wearing off, and I'd never have gotten the beta done for someone's writing project if I hadn't.

I was in shock for a moment. Then I laughed. It's the perfect Farscape ending, and will inspire many fanfics to come. Novels. Hopefully movies. No, it's not the end, not really. Because we know that they had planned on another season, and hadn't changed a single thing, other than the frelling coda that Sci-Fi had to put in *kicks them harder than I kicked the WB after Buffy left for UPN*, "thanking the fans." What the Hezmana was THAT about?

D'Argo's reaction to it all got Lou more upset than anything else. That's what got to him. It'll get to me eventually, maybe once I've transferred it to tape.

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Hadn't watched nearly as much Farscape as you, of course, but I did catch the last eps. and that was a very powerful ending. Moreso than most "season cliffhangers" even without the "but will there even be another 'season' in whatever form?" question. I was impressed, and I'm sure I missed some of what was going on from unfamiliarity with what had gone before.

Meanwhile, on the very good news side of things... I can find SFAD from work even on the new server, apparently.

The "final" chapter was not what i expected. I watched the series one after another because it was really catchy but the end... the end...

Is the kind of end that leaves room for more but unfortunately there's no news about it.

So much fight for that kind of end???

Anyway, the serie was great!!! absolutely

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