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Thumbs for the New Year

1. Someone you deeply love is horribly murdered. The person you know did it gets off. Do you take justice/revenge into your own hands?

Would depend on how they got off on the charges. If it was a simple case of judicial foul-up (mistrial, for example), then I probably would consider it. If there were extenuating circumstances. Working with someone who is in the mental health profession has changed my view on some things.

But me, I'd rather find a way to make them rot in jail for the rest of their lives than just kill them outright. That's too easy...they'd be getting off way too easy.

2. If you learned you were going to die in two days, would you have any regrets? If you suddenly got a five year respite, could you avoid those same regrets?

I'd have a ton of regrets, what, are you kidding? But since there's only two days left, I wouldn't have a lot of chances to do anything about it.

Five years, I could so avoid a bunch of those. I'd go to Europe, finally visit Scotland, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Japan, etc. Climb a mountain (and not Mt. Monadnock). Learn to fly a plane.

And try not to rack up too much of a debt burden for my family in the process.

3. What's the greatest fashion faux pas -- wearing clothes too big, clothes too small, clothes ten years out of date, or clothes for someone ten years older than you?

Too small. Unless the clothes are from the 70s, which was an era which should never have happened, clothes-wise. Since I wear baggy clothes and my clothes are all out of date, the rest don't bother me.

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Oh, amen to the 70's comment. Of all the cool eras of fashion that had to come back, why was it that one? Why not the 40s?

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