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Thursday Thumbs

1. You're at a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. You find a dead cockroach in your salad. What do you do?

Well, considering that each Thanksgiving for just about as long as I can remember I've been at my friends' house for Thanksgiving, I'd wonder which of the kids or adults put it there, because some of them read my blog (waves to Grant, Jack, Lou, Alex).

Then I'd kindly point it out, remove it, and check for other bug bits. Then I'd eat it.

The salad. Not the cockroach.

2. What particular historical document (or portion thereof) do you think every person (or at least every citizen of your country) should know by heart?

The Declaration of Independence. I can put it to music if you want, it'll help you remember.

3. A follow-on to last week: what five TV series have or had the best theme song with lyrics?

Oh now, this is going to be tough.

Animaniacs. Oh yes, number one. Totally Insane-y.

I went and browsed through some other responses before picking any more. So now I've got two more...

Banana Splits. Tra la la, lala la la, tra la la, lala la laaaaaaaaah! Yeah, baby!

Greatest American Hero. Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself. *nods vigorously*

Now, I'm going here to refresh my memory for songs.

The Addams Family. I'll skip the rendition here, but I expect everyone to be snapping at home.

Oh crap. I have a tie for fifth place. Okay, okay, here's #5.

The original MST3k theme. Not the one with Mike, but the first season broadcast on The Comedy Channel (before it merged with Ha! and became The Comedy Network). Which means it also has Larry and not Frank in the credits.

Honorable mention to: It's Garry Shandling Show (how can not love a theme song that is self-referential?), Facts of Life (1st and 2nd+ seasons), Cheers, South Park, Wierd Al, Mad About You, The Young Ones, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Wonder Woman, Moonlighting, 21 Jump Street, George of the Jungle, Top Cat, Underdog, Fraggle Rock, The Electric Company, Land of the Lost (what else could have a character named after it in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?), The Muppet Show, Earthworm Jim, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and all of the Drew Carey themes.

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We would NEVER let a cockroach get in your salad at TCon, Julia!

I mean really - everyone -KNOWS- those are pizza toppings...

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