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Theme Thumbs

1. Does not having done something before make it more appealing, or less?

Depends on what it is (chuckle). It can, but if it's something gross, then there's a reason why I haven't done it before, right? Like eating a rotten banana.

But something like dancing with my honey at the top of a skyscraper on a warm summer evening....oh yeah, that's appealing.

2. If you could have a large stain-glass window in your house, what would you want it to depict?

I'd want it to be abstract, to not picture anything in particular. Just colored pieces of glass. Then I'd sit back and watch people try to figure out what it was depicting.

Yeah, I'm evil that way.

3. A change of pace. What five TV series have or had the best instrumental theme song?

Oh, instrumental only, eh? There goes most of my trivia knowledge, you know...

Does Star Trek count? They had narration over the theme. I'd put in a vote for DS9 anyway, they didn't have narration.

Miami Vice. In its time, it was very catchy, and it pretty much *screams* the 80's generation, which is my generation, baby!

Angel. I love the haunting strings on that, even better than the Buffy theme. Though that theme rocks too.

Remington Steele. Loved the sexy, swanky theme. And having Pierce Brosnan doesn't hurt, either.

Oh, and I have to throw one in here for an old favorite. Barney Miller. I love that theme song!

Honorable mentions to the A-Team and M*A*S*H, though the latter actually *has* words, they just don't sing them in the series.

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DS9 was fine until they revamped it into the "dance mix" DS9 later in the series.


I thought I was the only one that felt that way about DS9 - talk about ruining a perfectly good orchestra piece.

And Miami Vice - how could I have forgotten that one.

As I didn't watch the later seasons, I don't know how the changed the theme. Hmm...will have to catch a rerun sometime.

I definitely meant the original theme!

Oh, my coworker just thought of a GREAT one. National Geographic.

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