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Halloweeny Thumbs

1. Would you prefer to have had more or fewer sexual partners in your life?

More, but not a LOT more. Just one or two. There's a reason why, but I won't share it because that might embarrass some of the men in my life who read this blog. *waves at Lou, Alex*

2. You accidentally come across your teenager's diary. If you choose to, you can read it without anyone ever knowing. Do you? What if it were your spouse's?

I'd only read my teenager's diary if I had cause to be concerned about something, that he/she was keeping something from me that made me concerned for their health/safety - drug use, sexual promiscuity - but otherwise no.

As for my spouse - it'd be tempting, but no, I don't think I would.

3. You work for an ad agency, and the assignment is to come up with a slogan to get people to eat more fish. What would you suggest?

There are reasons I don't work for an ad agency. That said:

Fish is food for your brain.



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