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Tuesday Searchday

Checking with Extreme Tracking tells me that many folks are finding me because of this entry.

I'm on the first page of the Google entries for Nimbus 2000, or "Nimbus 2000," and the second page at Yahoo. Hello, folks!

Variations that have found me include "vibrating broom" and "nimbus 2000 broomstick."

Other searches that have led to me include:

Nasty words in our society
september 2002 opiate
nucular right or wrong
where is julia going ~ that's what I'd like to know!
secret society on connie chung live ~ Sorry folks, I've no clue what society was on that show

And the usual "julia", "aesthetic", and "deletions." It seems I'm number one at Altavista for "deletions" searches.

Of the last 20 search engine referrers, just over half were Nimbus 2000 referrals.

Can you do this kind of checking via logs from your host? Or do you really need one of these trackers? Anyone? Might be another reason to switch hosts...

Comments (2)

Yes, you can get this info from your host logs (if they are accessible). The freebie logs do a nice job of building graphs and breaking out the individual sorts of entries, but there are also tools (free?) that will let you do it with your raw logs.

Some hosts, like Hostmatters of blessed name, have built-in tools on your host control panel that give you a lot of this info, too (straight out of your logs).

You should see the combinations of of "secret," "hidden," "asian," and "beaver" that I get on mine...

And for some reason, I'm the #8 hit for "Catriona Lemay Doan naked."

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