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Redesign! Sorta.

Inspired by Doyce's color change, I spent tonight redoing the CSS on my blog.

Have I ever said how much I love CSS?

And this is the logo I worked so hard on...doesn't seem like much, but it did take a while before I was somewhat satisfied with it.

I still, for some reason, can't get the comments-body to work right, but it's late and I'll deal with it this weekend.

I may not stay with these colors, but they're here for now. Please feel free to tell me how much you hate it in the comments.

No, this isn't the final redesign, but it's the colors. For now. The rest will have to wait until much later. Maybe Christmas, when I might have some free time again (ha).

[Edited: I found the comments-body problem. Had two entries in the CSS file. doh!]

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