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Just call me a lemming

I've caved into the blogrolling trend. I was resisting, but I realized that I check my "Blogs I have Known and Read" multiple times daily, only to find there's nothing new.

So I'll be hitting the sites less often, which will show up in your hit counters, no doubt (hee). This won't help with those who don't ping weblogs.com, but I will try to check those less per day, to keep things even.

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Okay, went by their site and still don't get exactly what blogrolling is...

It's basically a way to list the blogs you want to read on your site. I was using server side includes, which was just as easy as using blogrolling.

But blogrolling will check against weblogs.com, to see when the person updated their site. Those that ping weblogs.com, that is. MT does it by default; I think Blogger needs Blogger Pro to do that.

That help?


More or less, yes. Thanks. Guess if I want to ping weblogs.com I'll have to use the manual ping page they have. Whee?

I see that there's apparently no list of blogs at all on your front blog page now....

Ah yes, if you turn off javascript, it would do that. I'll look into another method.


Actually, I have referrers, cookies and ads filtered, but javascript is on (and I'm using IE6 for my blog viewing).

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