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Day Late Thumbs

1. How do you react when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you in a restaurant?
Doesn't happen. Lou *hates* that, and told me flat out when we started going out that I was never to do that to him, because he'd get up and walk out of the restaurant.

And I believe him. So since I don't do it to him, he doesn't do it to me.

Now, that said, it *has* happened in the past. And I do sing along (or whatever) if I'm at a restaurant and someone at another table gets put on the spot. I enjoy it, I smile, and hopefully eat whatever free dessert they have given me.

2. The cashier gives you change for a twenty, even though you paid with a five. Do you keep the extra money, or return it?
Did I notice it? If I know it, I would give it back. If I didn't notice it until we were out of the restaurant or much later, I wouldn't do anything about it. Most likely, I'd think that I was wrong in the bill I'd handed them, thinking it my memory, not theirs.

We're always pretty good at restaurants in making sure that we've got the right amount on the bill - our regular place for breakfast on weekends, Persy's Place, shortchanged themselves on the bill a few times in the early days when we went there, and we corrected it.

However, if I've had crappy service, then I keep it and walk out.

3. What do you think is the best conversation piece in your house?
Wow. I don't know. We don't do conversation pieces.

Though it'd probably be our book collection. We have about 8 bookshelves in various places around the house, and most of them are filled to jamming with books. Four of them are rpg books *only*, the others are our various flavors of fiction. We also have one bookshelf reserved for hardcovers.


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