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Death, lies, and fun Thumbs

1. You've been diagnosed with a presently incurable disease, with no more than three months to live. If you had a modest chance of surviving cryogenic freezing in the next week, to be awakened in a thousand years to live a greatly extended life ... would you do it?
No. At one time, I might have said yes, but while I'd have a long life, all my friends and relatives would be gone. I don't think I'd want to do that. I'd live those last three months to the fullest.

2. A friend asks for your opinion about an original novel (painting, sculpture, song) they've created. You think it is utterly dreadful. Do you lie about it, diplomatically tone down your true feelings, or tell the complete, unvarnished truth?
I'm known for telling the complete, unvarnished truth (at least I think I am), so I would probably fall somewhere in between the diplomatically toning down my feelings and telling the truth.

Because what I would say is that while it doesn't appeal to me and it is not my cup of tea, there are probably others who would love it. If they asked for true criticism, then I would let them have it, no holds barred. But most people can't take criticism (me included!), so I'd only do it if they really pushed or asked me for my opinion, and weren't looking for me to just praise it, as so many might.

3. In honor of the weather, what do you think is the most enjoyable thing to do in the snow?
Build snowmen, have snowball fights. Basically play in it!

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Alas, once upon a time Our Sweetie asked me why I didn't seem to be thrilled with the necklace she had wrought for me.

I told her that while I really appreciated the effort, it was The. Ugliest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen.

Wrong answer.

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