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We Get Mail!

Okay, not really.

But I must highly recommend that anyone who uses Movabletype and has the Comments feature active to allow it to mail comments to them.

I have gotten, in the past few weeks, comments on earlier blog entries that I never would have noticed if not for the email feature.

First, I got emailed a comment about my trip to Vegas. Turns out someone who knows Paula found my site via her, and was in Las Vegas at the same time I was. She's from Rhode Island. Cool.

And in the past few days, I have gotten comments on my Boggan quiz post from a man named Boggan, and on my Famous Photojournalist entry.

Besides, it's not like any of us are Wil Wheaton, and inspiring 100+ comments per post, right? :)

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Absotively. My spotting comments placed in my blog has gone way up since I started receiving them (and since I put in that little "most recent comments" block on the page, too -- another nice MT-possible feature).

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