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No Friday Five this week

Don't know why, it's just not there. So, here's the Bonus Weekend plans:


- Watch Farscape, in preparation for next week's season premiere.


- Bike ride along the East Bay Bike Path.

- Get some work done on a few games (SSC and IMiA, and get new player up to speed in TBE).

- Play some FFX.

- Get some writing done, at least Ennis' response to Kit in the Letter Blog, and hopefully more Margaret stuff done for the ATF blog.

- Go to sister-in-law's house to install network card in their Mac, before they move to Bridgewater.


- Possibly breakfast out at Percy's.

- Possibly go to pick up some fans at WalMart, since the heat approacheth (and the humidity), and Lou needs them for his conference anyway.

- Maybe another (or a first) Bike Path ride.

- Maybe some FFX.

- Maybe actually start reading Diplomatic Immunity. Or finish I Dare.

- The Sunday Game, in which we may fight more of the Freak Legion, may find an unexpected ally in the prisoners, and maybe have Betsy's character Storm get her cohort (finally!).


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