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No Friday Five

No Friday Five this week. She's moving to a new host.

So, here's what I'm doing this weekend, alluded to in an earlier post.


- Trip to the bank with Lou, to up the amount we pay on our credit card consolidation loan, to pay it off four months early (we hope).

- Trip to StillPoint to let Jack know we're done at the bank, and he can spend the evening with Lou, doing Guy Stuff.

- Chow Yun Chat with Anne. Going to bring Escaflowne and Farscape DVDs, just in case.


- Breakfast at Percy's Place with Jack and Lou.

- Spider-Man with the above folks, 10:30 a.m. show.

- Rilla & Gevrok D&D stuff, with the above folks.

- Dinner somewhere, eating in or out, unknown at this point.


- NOTHING! mwahahahahahahaha!

- So probably going to spend some time with the hubby, playing FFX, maybe watching Farscape (he's not seen the last few episodes), oh, and probably reading Diplomatic Immunity.


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