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New Meme, old Theme

***Dave has introduced a new concept, the Thursday Thumb-Twiddler!

1. Have you ever bought, worn someplace, then returned a new outfit, knowing ahead of time that's what you were planning to do?
Nope. I don't often buy new clothes, so when I do, I want them for a specific purpose. I did buy one dress and return it right afterwards, but that was because it got ripped and I wanted to wear it again. The replacement ripped when I wore it the next time, too. I think I'm just too fat for the dress. I need to shed more poundage before I wear it again.

2. When you do something stupid, how much does it bother you to have other folks laugh at you?
Oh, lots. But it really depends on the situation. If I was totally clueless as to how stupid I was being, then I get really upset when I'm made fun of. But if I had a clue as to how stupid it was and I did it anyway, I can laugh at myself, too. I wish I could think of an example here. Maybe if I come up with one, I'll update it.

3. When were you last in a fight? What was it about, and did you win?
Fistfight? I couldn't tell you, probably something when I was young with my sisters. I didn't ever fight in school (that I recall).

Argument-type fight? I'm sure Lou and I fought about something, and I probably won. I'm more likely to argue/fight with him than he is with me, and he'll give in. Of course, I know I'm right, so I keep at it until I am proven wrong. (chuckle)

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Well, not exactly a new *concept*, but hopefully an entertaining adaptation of the general class.

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