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Drained and Tired

I need a vacation.

I was talking to someone on IM yesterday, and I realized where all my creativity is going, and why I've felt so blah lately.

I'm in too many games. Let's count:

Sunday - three Sundays a month (or four if we hit a month of 5 Sundays), Lou runs his D&D 3e game. We've been playing this since 2nd edition Skills & Powers, converting right after the DMG came out. We've just hit 15th level.

Monday - I used to have Mondays free. Lou played in a 3e game. Then that game ended, and another one started up. Every week, for a few short months, I played Miss Amaryllis. And then we all died. Now, the same GM of all the Monday games is running a Wheel of Time game. Lou and I are playing Aiel algai'd'siswai, though he's a Borderlander who found himself in the Waste, and the Stone Dogs took him in. I'm playing a Maiden of the Spear.

Tuesday - Every other Tuesday, Lou is running an Aberrant game. This is new, has been running about 6 sessions now. It's fun...I'm playing a divorced photojournalist with a kid who lives with her ex. She just can't relate to either of them.

Wednesday, Thursday - no games. Thank $deity.

Friday - I run my 3e game. Used to have other games in the alternate week, but am glad now we have a Friday off.

Saturday - Once a month, I run my Amber game, Which Endureth Forever. Or not so forever, as it's winding down to the last story. On one other Saturday, the Feng Shui players come to our apartment, but I don't play in that game.

And then there are the email games. I play in To Reign in Hell, which is currently on a long-term hiatus. I am also starting in Stranger Still to Come, and hopefully soon in Ill Met in Amber. I am also in my husband's post-apocalyptic Earth/psionics email game.

I also run my own version of the post-apocalyptic Earth/psionics game in Dreamlyrics, and I am possibly going to be playing in a Fading Suns game on that forum. I should also be restarting in a game that was on a long-term hiatus there, but I haven't gotten around to posting yet, now that the GM has come back. I may drop that game, I'm unsure.

And I am doing a letter blog with Anne, and also doing a side blog for her while she's taking a hiatus from the game this summer.

Between all that, blogging (here, Pop Culture, Whitespace, and my secret LiveJournal), reading everyone's blogs, the pile of books at my bedside, FFX, and my husband and cats, I have no time for anything else.

Something, or somethings, are going to have to go. It's just a matter of deciding what goes.


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Michael Shaver:

I'm searching for an actual Algai'd'siswai character sheet. Know where I might be able to locate one.

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