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This Friday's Five

1. What are the first things that you do in the morning to start your day?
I wait for Lou to get out of the bathroom, giving me usually about another 10-20 minutes to lay about in bed. Then I'm up, bathroom stuff, getting dressed stuff, putting the sugar in the tea, grabbing the travel mug and lunch and purse, and out the door with hubby. He eats breakfast at home while I get ready, and I eat my granola bar/cereal bar at work as I begin to read the morning's email, and occasionally weblogs.

2. What are the last things that you do at night before going to bed?
I shut off the laptop or turn off the TV, hit the bathroom if needed, change into my pajamas, fix the sheets/blankets if Lou's hogging them in bed, chase Artemis out of my side of the bed (she's taken to keeping Lou company while he reads, before I come to bed), climb in, and grab my latest book. I also set my alarm. My getting in bed to read is Lou's cue to turn off his light, put his book down and take his glasses off and go to sleep. We both have no idea why he does this, but 90% of the time, when I get in bed, he stops reading within minutes and goes to sleep. I read for a time, depending on book and tiredness, then off come the glasses, off goes the light, off comes the extra pillow behind my head (placed beside the bed), and I attempt to sleep. I am usually successful.

3. What daily routine have you recently added to your day?
No clue. I'm old-routine (like taking off my shoes when I enter the house), not really new-routine. Though with the cats, who greet us at the door, Lou and I pick one up (I usually get Beana, Lou gets Missy), pet them a bit, let them groom each other, then drop them and do a cat-switch.

Though, now that I think about it, Lou has made a concerted effort to greet me with a hug when we are actually inside our apartment, after divesting ourselves of coats and backpacks and such. That might be considered a new routine.

4. What routine do you wish you get rid of?
Shouldn't that be got rid of? Want to get rid of? Anyway...

I wish I didn't have to get up to go to work in the morning. But don't we all? Okay, almost all of us...

No, there really isn't something I'd like to get rid of. At least, not that that I can think of at this moment.

5. What's the one thing that makes you feel like something is missing if you don't do it some point within your day?
See my husband or the cats. When we go away for a weekend or something, I miss seeing the cats. It helps that I'm in a different setting, so I'm not expecting to see them. But when going to bed, I sometimes expect to hear and feel a cat jump up at some point, looking for attention.

And Lou goes off to an Addiction Studies conference for a week each year, in June. I get out of routine when he's not around. Though I like the time to myself, I do miss him. Though he has had internet connections at 2 out of the 3 colleges where the conference is held, and bringing his laptop allows us to communiate via IM.

Friday Bonus: What are your plans for the weekend?
My plans? Oh, thanks for asking!

Anne and I are doing another Chow Yun Chat tonight, but I have asked that one of our activities be watching Farscape. Saturday will be spent avoiding the Feng Shui'ers that invade the apartment, and doing the game book and reg form for The Black Road, which shouldn't take too long, really. Then writing some checks, doing laundry, and maybe going to see LotR:FotR again. Though I could do that on Sunday if Lou was interested.

I've also started playing FFX on my own, since Lou is entranced with EV: Nova, so no doubt some time will be spent with that.

And plotting my evilness for ATF next week. Oh yeah, and writing the summaries for the last three sessions. I've been a major slacker (sigh).


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