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Minor Structure Changes

Okay, I've re-added the popups for commenting back in.

I've also changed the excerpt length to a more manageable one. Sorry, Morbus. It also means that anyone who's syndicated me will only see the tiny excerpts. (heh)

And I've re-arranged the blog links. They are alphabetical now, don't read anything into them (and yes, ***Dave is alphabetized by Dave, not by *). I've added a new one, What She Really Thinks. I've removed Anadandy's LiveJournal at her request. Now that Too Flattering Sweet is up and running on MT, she'll not be using Live Journal much anymore.

Heh. Yet Another Convert. Now to get Lisamarie to join us...

The major redesign is still forthcoming, probably over the next few weeks. Or longer. The new logo is almost done, which is a big chunk of the new design.

I also picked up five books at the mall yesterday. Once I'm done reading them, I'll be posting reviews in Pop Goes the Culture!.


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